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MFC is for sale?

Out of all the MMA organizations in Canada, the best known is probably MFC. Not because they put on the craziest shows, but because their owner Mark Pavelich is always doing the craziest things. Whether he’s shit-talking the UFC or just throwing fighters under the bus by calling them drunks, bad fathers, or washed up, the stuff that comes out of his mouth is often more interesting than the fight cards he puts together.

Since we like to think of ourselves as connoisseur of outrageous behavior in MMA, it actually kinda saddens us to think he might be preparing to exit the scene:

Canadian promotion Maximum Fighting Championship is apparently up for sale.

The show’s owner Mark Pavelich posted a short message to that effect on Facebook earlier, with an asking price of over $3 million.

“MFC FOR SALE 3.2 Million,” he wrote, not specifying a currency but presumably meaning either American or Canadian dollars.

Several hours later he posted another message, responding to queries about whether the show was in trouble or winding down, “Business as usual. Next show coming soon.”

MFC wouldn’t be the kind of company the UFC would be interested in buying, but there seems to be a glut of investors hanging around the sidelines of MMA right now eager to try and take an existing brand and turn it into the next #2 promotion in North America. Some idiots just bought ProElite, after all, and it’s nothing but a cursed brand with some questionable contracts. At least with MFC you get an active promotion with a TV deal and a built in live audience. The only question: is the hot headed Dana White wannabe included in the price tag?

  • SHORT_BUS says:

    Pavelich is a douche.

  • Komodo says:


    There’s that phrase again.

  • LowelltheHammer says:

    [Strikeforce being bought by the UFC] has got more and more people talking about cross-promos. What are your thoughts around cross promotion in MMA?

    “I don’t have to co-promote because I’m not going out of business. I’m not struggling. I could never see my brand of MMA being attached to somebody else’s. Never. It’s funny because people say, “Do you see your show being bought up?” I’m saying, “Are you guys stupid?” Do you understand my character is so much different from people like Scott Coker? I’m not saying his character is bad, but I love to fight. I wake up in the morning everyday and want to fight. Now it’s going to be even more exciting for me…People ask when they UFC are coming to buy us. Listen – I don’t want to sell the Maximum Fighting Championship. I’ve got it tattooed on my guts. That’s the difference between me and everybody else. Scott Coker is a super nice guy, but you could see he had a lack of passion for MMA when he spoke. He’s a good guy. He’s a great guy, but when we’re talking about mixed martial arts, it’s a different story – he doesn’t have what I have….he never will.”

  • iamphoenix says:

    he looks like george lopez. i hate george lopez.