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MFC fires back

You may remember a day or two ago that Hardcore Championship Fighting sent out a letter denouncing their competition for putting a guy with barely any MMA experience up against a very experienced Shonie Carter. Well, now Scott Zerr from MFC has responded to the accusation, taking off the gloves and raking HCF across the coals.

The statement he released is awesome and includes all sorts of mockery involving HFC’s lame attendance figures and how Keith Crawford is really good at losing other people’s money. Regarding the mismatch, he had this to say:

If Mr. Crawford is so concerned about mismatches, perhaps he should take care of his own house first. Last HCF show, 9-0 fighter vs. Pro Debut; and a past show that he was associated with saw a 16-0 Mac Danzig vs. Pro Debut. Even the UFC had Melvin Guillard with 35 fights face Rick Davis with 3 fights. But numbers don’t always show the true story. Victor Valimaki at 3-2 fought Dan Severn who had 85 fights to his credit. Valimaki won by unanimous decision.

I’m going to give MFC the nod for round one. I’m also suddenly concerned about HFC … if they’re really getting less than 2000 people at shows with headliners like Aleks E and Sean Salmon, there’s something seriously wrong with their promotion.

  • RT says:

    I posted a link to this in the comments section concearning the intial letter from Crawford. From the sound of things this Crawford guy is a douche.
    On the promotion side of things.
    1) I wasnt sure if Fedor was even gonna be at the HFC show until about 7 days out and even then I read in the Edmonton Sun that fedor was “expected” to be there. Even if Fedor wasnt for sure gonna be there, they should have been promoting the shit out of the fact that the concensus #1 fighter on the planet might be there.
    2) They need more local talent on their show. Have one big fight with Intl talent and then fill the rest with people with a connection to the area and local fight scene. Local fighters usually bring a pretty good contingent of freinds, family, Team mates etc. and thats what puts asses in the seats.

  • Xavier says:

    Why would anyone go to a show to see Sean ‘Can’mon? Gotta be kidding me with that one.

  • Accomando says:

    If anyone is interested, Clay Guida was “The Dude” from “The Big Labowski” for holloween.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Yeah seriously, your comments made it seem like you expect Salmon to be putting asses on seats. Stop trying to big him up just cause hes a blogger like you.

  • hbdale309 says:

    Speaking of Sean Salmon, I was reading that when Sean left the UFC he still had 1 fight remaining on his contract. I remember reading on his Junkie blog that he had worked to get out of his contract early. Like Randy Couture, was Salmon swimming upstream against the current of UFC management?

  • raizor says:

    hbdale309, my understanding was that Salmon took an agreed break from the UFC in order to gain more experience. I think the plan was (and still is) for him to return to the UFC for the final fight on his contract.

  • kentyman says:

    “Salmon swimming upstream”. Nice.