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MFC is classy

I knew there was a reason I didn’t like Maximum Fighting Championships, but I had kinda almost forgotten why. Oh yeah, it’s because they send out ‘press releases’ like this:

Fighter quits, blows big opportunity at MFC 24
By MFC Staff

Chris Price has blown has his shot at making a name for himself in the MFC, and at the same time, likely torpedoed his entire career in mixed martial arts.

The light heavyweight was supposed to make his organizational debut at MFC 24: Heat XC but after several issues regarding his passport arose, he has now backed out of his fight against Nick Penner completely. In fact Price told one half of his management via text message that he was finished with fighting all together, apparently stating “I’m done. I was never that good in the first place.”

Price had initially run into passport problems in reference to substantial amounts of child support he owed to his wife. The pair had split up with his wife filing for child support, but then got back together thus erasing the need for support. Though that issue seemed bypassed for the time being, Price continued to waffle on getting his passport right up until allegedly contacting his agent and flushing his fight career.

“It’s embarrassing,” offered one source close to Price. “The kid hung everyone out to dry and then didn’t have the balls to call – he sent a text.”

Talk about airing dirty laundry. I feel kinda sleazy even posting about this, even if it’s to point out how lame it is.