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Meth is a helluva drug

Fun times in Georgia!

Officers with the Covington Police Department arrested a nude man looking for a fight Sunday at the Wal-Mart on Industrial Boulevard.

According to the incident report, Jeffrey Pickett said he wanted to be a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter and was looking for someone to battle. MMA fighters utilize martial arts techniques from several disciplines during combat.

Pickett said he wanted to practice his tap outs, which is used by a fighter to signal he no longer wishes to continue fighting. The move is usually done once an opponent had been forced into submission.

Pickett, who undressed in parking lot, said he knew he could find someone to fight with if he were nude.

This dude showed off some flawed logic. Being naked might get you into a fight but it’s more likely to get you arrested first. The best way to get into a fight is to go up to big mean looking dudes and say “You look like a guy who sucks ALL the dicks!”