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Mercer / Sylvia gets even sillier

(it’s a terrible picture I know, but it always makes me smile)

As if the Tim Sylvia / Ray Mercer boxing bout wasn’t already the dumbest idea since Kinnukuman, it’s just gotten even dumber:

The previously announced “Adrenaline III: Sylvia vs. Mercer” headline boxing match between former MMA champion Tim Sylvia and boxing champ Ray Mercer will be held in a mixed-martial-arts cage, Adrenaline MMA CEO Monte Cox confirmed in a Thursday press conference in Birmingham, Ala.

The same city hosts the June 13 Adrenaline MMA event, which features a headline six-round boxing match between Sylvia, a former longtime UFC champ, and Mercer, an Olympic gold medalist and WBO heavyweight boxing champion.

The night’s undercard will consist of a full MMA fight card, so largely for logistical reasons, the headliners will box in a cage.

“It just makes sense on so many levels, and it adds another twist to the main event,” Cox stated in reference to the cage.

When Monte Cox says “It just makes sense”, don’t try to understand what sense he’s referring to. There is no higher sixth sense you are missing that would allow you to understand what’s going on here. More accurately, Monte Cox was probably trying to say “It makes cents” as in it saves him from having to rent a ring, since he already owns a cage and all.

Now in truth, the whole fighting in a cage thing isn’t that big of a deal when you take into account the fact that this is already Big Tim versus Old Mercer in a boxing bout that was moved to Alabama because no serious commission would allow it. At this point they could be fighting under special Money in the Bank rules and it wouldn’t make much of a difference. Once your fight passes joke status and hits farce, that’s the end of the line. No more stops after ‘farce’, except perhaps ‘tragedy’. Ah well, at least this one isn’t looking like it’ll go that far.