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Memorial Day

Hey Americans! Happy BBQ day, or Memorial day, or whatever the heck it is for you down there. Three things:

  1. Memorial day isn’t just about stuffing your face full of pork (zip line optional). It’s also a day to remember those who died serving their country in the military. So try to fit that in, ya?
  2. This weekend is also American Drunken Bumper Car day, so please be safe while you get around because while you may not be drunk driving, I guarantee that other people are. And despite what we said on our radio show, Bud Light doesn’t make you more sober.
  3. Fightlinker will be operating at half mast today, meaning you’ll still get some posting, it’s not going to be hardcore like usual. We’ll be celebrating the holiday by working on background advances to the website which will hopefully pop into existance in the next few weeks.

So happy Memorial Day! Try not to get blown up, burnt, or run over. That goes for US troops too.

  • Burtonchik says:

    you’re canadian! how can you justify taking the day off?!?!

    oh yeah, that’s right, you write stories on the internet for ppl who are bored at work, many of who are american…

  • Yup, plus it’s no day off … writing posts is unfortunately only about 50% of my job here.

  • Fuck the military, you cock smoking dick!!

    I hope all those brainwashed motherfuckers get their head blown off. Just because youre too dumb to work at McDonalds doesnt mean I should care if some asshole wants to go off and kill people. Just like I dont care if you kill yourself in MMA or parachuting.
    Youre job definition entails killing people for money, join the fucking mob.

    Protecting the country, what a load of crock for the bottom feeders of society who believe this.
    Im sure the fucking nazis used this same kind of BS.

    And look how many countries the US has invaded over the last 100 years… I can use the nazis reference only with apologies to the krauts.

    The same goes for the canadians assholes supporting our rights to invade Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, Kosovo, etc…. I dont give a fuck where youre born….. you are dumb cunt who believes everything he is told. You are nothing more than a fucking tool. Expendable.
    This country has tons of assholes, if there a ways we can get them all killed, the better it will be.

    Just dont give me any of your brainwashed shit that theyre protecting this country douchebag.

  • garth says:

    a sad side effect of reefer: self-righteousness.

    well, let’s not blame the pot. let’s blame the pothead.

  • Kosovo was a peace-keeping mission you retard.

  • garth says:

    you are dumb cunt!

    that’s a great line you have to admit.