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Melendez vs Masvidal is official

“Please don’t let them take the Rockstar girls too.”

Despite Dana White’s open desire to steal Gilbert Melendez away from poor Scott Coker, the lightweight champ is staying true to his current squeeze… for one more fight at least.  Strikeforce announced today that Gilbert’s rumored title defense against Jorge Masvidal will indeed happen on December 17th as planned.

So does Gil’s trade-up to the UFC depend on him beating Masvidal (which he will)?  You’d have to ask the Baldfather that, but good luck getting a straight answer.  Another good question is what Frankie Edgar will be up to in the meantime… if he doesn’t wait for Melendez, who gets the next shot at his belt?  Ben Henderson and Clay Guida would seem to be the two most deserving contenders right now, though the idea of giving Captain Caveman the chance to “Energizer Blanket” his way to the title just pains me.

Oh hey, remember that kinda mannish chick who’s supposed to be the womens featherweight champ?  What was her name again… been so long, I can’t remember.  Anyway, she’ll be defending her belt too, against JEWELS star Hiroko “Cat’s Eye” Yamanaka (12-1).

Also officially on the card is Gegard “Sweet Sassy” Mousasi versus rising prospect Ovince “OSP” St Preux.  KJ Noons is riding shotgun at today’s press conference, implying that he’ll be facing the mighty “TBA” that night, and Keith Jardine has claimed he might be there too.  Then of course there’s the requisite vague rumor about the return of a certain female fighter that used to be hot but now not so much, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.  Too bad Daniel Cormier’s hand is borked, otherwise they could stick the heavyweight GP final in there too and get it over with.  But I guess that gives Strikeforce an excuse to have at least one last more event in 2012.