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Melendez vs. Ishida II

Werdum vs. Kyle post got messed up by the Wifi. D’oh. Let me recap: big cheers for Carano and some for Cyborg. Werdum got rocked and crowd went nuts for Kyle’s armbar.

Werdum by submission late in the first.

Everytime they show Gina it hurts my ears.

We’re gonna lighten up on the play by play since you can just watch it yourself.

Melendez cheered like crazy during the intro. oohs and aahs at Yarrenoka footage of their first fight. The fire for Ishida is HOT and no fun. Kawajiri just sprinted to the ring. OK HE’S ALREADY THERE ENOUGH FIRE! MY back is probably singed. Crusher has a fanny pack around his shoulder; doesn’t make it less funny. Melendez cheered hardcore. Oh my goodness, I may be melting. He does the Goldberg entrance with the pyro. Those things demonstrating subs on the screen must be press that were seated too close to the stage. Stupid fire. You’d swear everyone was Kane or something. Crowd ballistic for Melendez. If this fight is half as good as the first I’m gonna be mega-happy.

Gilbert with all teh offense, thys all the cheers. Really loud boos for inactivity. Camera man got hit in the face with the boom mic.

I totally got a ring girl upskirt. Hieron walked to ringside like a G.

Round 2: Someone yells “Kick his ass, Seabass!”. Ishisa hurt bad. Melendez did big damage with standing elbows.

Round 3: Melendez keeps psyching us out with those RNC attempts. Unreal cheers for the stoppage. Ishida is a mess. Josh Thomson is giggling to my right.

Melendez by TKO at they didn’t say, round 3.

Nate Diaz is talking to anyone who walke up to him. Dude is pumped.