twitter google is NOT a ‘source’

Over the weekend, a retarded rumor started circulating that the UFC had signed a deal with Floyd Mayweather worth 200 million bucks. This all originated from, also known as the most unreliable site on earth when it comes to shit like this. You may remember these dopes as the ones who said Kimbo vs Tyson was signed last month. They also had a ‘scoop’ on the NFL’s Ray Lewis signing with the UFC.

They’re SO BAD at breaking real MMA news that I have to wonder if they really do have a source inside the UFC. The only problem is that instead of real information, the source is just fucking around with them and sending them the dumbest shit ever.

Dana White has been very vocal about how much Floyd Mayweather sucks and how he’s not marketable. And why would Mayweather turn down huge payday boxing fights to get his ass whupped in mixed martial arts? The guy’s career is a how-to for dodging difficult opponents, so what makes anyone think he’s suddenly going to change for much less money???

Anyways, I’m sticking with my prediction: someone’s come in and bought the company or at least put a shitload of cash in. And hey, who knows … perhaps the nugget of truth is that Mayweather *might* be involved in an equity deal. But I doubt it.

  • Steve says:

    It was pretty easy to see that report was bullshit when they included the $200 million price tag. The UFC barely pulls in that much in annual revenue.

  • koolpaw says:

    They scooped that the American gladiator girl will join to


  • Hanzo Hattori says:

    Mayweather to light to fight in UFC anyway.

  • TNB_alert says:

    You do know what kind of website this is? It’s nothing more than a moron hip-hop blog celebrating thug-life stupidity. The chances that these monkey brained authors will one day accurately report a valid scoop is slim to none.