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Meanwhile, in Japan…

Two lesser known stars of Women’s MMA went at it last weekend’s ShootBox S-Girls Cup event: pound for pound queen Megumi Fujii and former DEEP champ Hisae Watanabe.

If you’re one of those smarty pants asking why Fujii is going for a leglock at one of these events, it’s because the fight was a special exhibition match (jeez, new trend huh?) with one 2 minute round being bastardized Jewels MMA (no hitting to the anything) rules and the other 2 minute round being ShootBoxing (no ground) rules.

It’s a pretty sweet picture and I’m hoping the footage of the ‘fight’ gets onto the net sooner or later, although I’m expecting it to be a bit of a let down. Four minutes of sparring is better than zero, but how is anyone supposed to accomplish anything in that amount of time? I can’t even finish jerking off in four minutes.

Not that I masturbate while watching these fights or anything.

I’m gonna shut up now.