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McKee blames racism for his unpopularity

Decision master extraordinaire Antonio McKee has confirmed that he’s gonna retire if his next fight on September 10th with MFC is another terrible boring fight that goes to the judges card. By my mathematical calculations, 24 wins divided by 18 decisions = 75% chance of retirement. Is he putting his career on the line because he’s a new exciting fighter? That’s the sales pitch. But in this interview with Ben Fowlkes of MMA Fighting, he just sounds bitter about the fight game:

I walk out of the fights untouched. It’s f—ing amazing! How the hell does this guy do this? Somebody kick his a–. Somebody stop his takedowns. Somebody submit him! But I’m the best at what I do. I already know that. You see all these guys doing the same thing now, and I’m better than all those guys who think they can do that. Sean Sherk, what does he do? He throws that sloppy overhand right with a blast double-leg. Matt Hughes, what does he do? Georges St. Pierre, he doesn’t even get hit anymore. And afterwards, he says, ‘I’m not a brawler; I’m a mixed martial artist.’ And then you have people talking about how great he is.

I do exactly what you saw him do, but better! I think a lot of it is racist. And I’m not saying racist against all black people necessarily, but racist towards me. You have these white guys who do the same exact thing, why doesn’t anyone say this stuff about them?

Because they didn’t drag out more decision wins than anyone in the history of the sport, maybe? Nah, it’s gotta be racism. Let’s take a look at some stretches in the careers of the guys he’s mentioning and compare them to McKee’s record:

Matt Hughes 2001 – 2005: KO (Slam), TKO, TKO, TKO, Dec, Sub, Dec, Sub, Sub
Antonio McKee 2001 – 2005: TKO, Dec, Draw, Dec, Dec, Dec, Dec, Dec, Dec, Draw, Dec

Georges St Pierre 2005-2010: Sub, Dec, Sub, TKO, Dec, TKO, Dec, Sub, TKO, Dec, TKO, Dec
Antonio McKee 2005 – 2010: Dec, Dec, TKO (Knee Injury), Dec, Dec, Dec, Dec, Dec

Yeah, you’re exactly like those other great entertaining guys who often finish their fights. Except you aren’t, because you don’t. Which is why you suck and no one likes watching you fight.