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MC Hammer’s fight management company

Yeah, I know I haven’t mentioned MC Hammer getting into the fighter managing business and I’m sorry about that. It’s a joke that practically writes itself, really. If you’re still interested now that the LULz have subsided, here’s a decent article on Hammer’s involvement:

“Hammer and I saw a void in the marketplace for a full-service management company,” said Lex McMahon, president of Alchemist. “We want to provide traditional management services, but also help fighters cross over into mainstream entertainment and branding opportunities.”

Alchemist, which has the backing of undisclosed private investors, has jumped into an industry that is far more mom and pop than its sister sport of boxing. The idea is to trade on Burrell’s stage name to build bridges to the entertainment industry so that fighters can get endorsement, movie and television deals.

Burrell gained fame in the 1980s and 1990s as a pioneering rapper. He had huge hit singles such as “U Can’t Touch This” and “Too Legit Too Quit,” making more than $100 million before notoriously filing for bankruptcy in 1996.

Sounds like the kind of guy you want running your career!