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Mayweather vs Hatton sounds pretty damned good

So I finally got around to watching Mayweather-Hatton 24/7, and I have to say I’m officially fucking hyped for this fight. I know that most boxers aren’t exactly ‘top of the humanity pile’, but Floyd Mayweather Jr comes off looking worse than a puppy strangler at a PETA convention.

Highlights of Mayweather being a jackass included him bragging about his bling being worth more than the GDP of most African countries, claiming he’s a normal parent like everyone else (while they show him chasing his kids around his mansion on a segway), and giving half of England the finger.

Modesty doesn’t exactly become this guy … and cocky isn’t a big enough word to capture what Mayweather is. It’s like trying to use the word ‘human’ to describe super-saiyans or some shit. Because super-saiyans can like throw fireballs out their ass and blow up planets. Mayweather’s ego is super-saiyan sized. On the other hand, Ricky Hatton comes off about as likable as you can get.

Basically this fight boils down to ‘dickhead vs nice guy’. Unfortunately, not many people are giving the nice guy too much of a chance. But one thing is for sure … as soon as we’re done with the TUF finale, I’m hitting up this shit fo’ sure.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Wow – a Dragon Ball reference. I’ve never been prouder to have had to look something up…

  • frickshun says:

    My fav part of last night was when “Money May” tells Roger to “throw a Hatton hook” & proceeds to watch this loopy slo-mo hook come. Hatton did the same thing in an earlier ep when he does the no look pitty-pat garbage that Floyd loves to do on the pads. Hatton said “I could do this all day”. I also think 24/7 has me drinking the Kool-Aid giving Hatton a small chance of winning. Guess I’ll have to DVR the Ultimate Finale.

  • I think Mayweather is violating the ultimate rule when it comes to boxing greats. Once you hit 30+ wins with no losses it is time to quit. Statistically he is in the red zone for a loss (even if he fights tomato cans)……

  • Episode 2 was a lot more even handed … episode 1 was the “WHY YOU SHOULD HATE FLOYD MAYWEATHER” episode. I’m surprised he didn’t kick the camera crew out after how he came across.

  • Accomando says:

    Best Hatton quote from episode 1…

    “…look at me watch, look at me chain, look at me tailor made suite, free-thousand dollars, who gives a shit!…”

  • TIGERTAO says:

    Ricky’s from my home town, and is as down to earth and nice as he comes across on T.V. I managed a bar which Ricky and his mates would go to after every fight. He bought a round of drinks for about 500 people after one fight, quality guy cant wait to see him KTFO Floyd!

  • Vee says:

    I don’t think too much about Mayweather the person simply because I do not know him. I wouldn’t judge him at all based off these HBO series. This is boxing, the fight has to be sold and the non-boxing public needs the good guy-bad guy dynamic. Floyd Mayweather does not mind playing the bad guy and he certainly have no problems with flaunting his wealth.

    Althought Huerta and Guida sounds pretty interesting, if both matches are on at the same time, I’m definitely watching Mayweather-Hatton in realtime. Hopefully I’ll get to see all the fights for that night. I really think this fight can go either way. The questions that will be answered December 8th will be whether Floyd’s speed will disrupt Hatton’s plan or will Hatton’s power fustrate Mayweather.

    Whatever the experts say, really doesn’t not matter because anything can happen when the two step into the ring this Saturday. The only thing in this fight that will shock me is Mayweather winning by TKO. At which point hopefully Mayweather does indeed retire because I totally agree with ^JuiJitsu365.

    After that December 29th, Soukou vs. Machida (I think that will be great!), Wanderlei vs Chuck and of course Hughes vs. GSP.

  • RT says:

    “Gimme some of that face to face, You know your fighin the best right? You ready to Die?” Money May is like apollo creed, and Hatton is like Rocky. Why in the fuck wouldnt the UFC let HBO handle there production, The shit is leaps and bounds beyond any other sports telecast out there let alone the ghetto fabulous spike TV production. We could be watching the Axe murder vs Iceman 24/7 and that would be the shit.

  • Yeah, I have to admit … the UFC has blown it hyping up the Liddell / Wanderlei fight. On the surface all people can see is the losses. If they showed the history, and the men behind the fight, it could easily be two hours worth of show that would build everyone watching Spike up to a frenzy.

    But no … the UFC is way too busy fucking around with non-event related bullshit that the actual cards and events seem to be taking a backseat lately.

  • Accomando says:

    #8 RT, completely agree, I have been saying what you posted for a while.

    Dana White blew that deal.

  • dignan says:

    Great article in the new SI about Hatton. Glad you posted about the fight.

    Let’s be fair…we all know Mayweather is favoured etc…but everyone’s pulling for the white guy.

  • Thomas says:

    DBZ reference!!!!!!!! way to go Fightlinker

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    who are these two guys? someone ross pointon could beat up…

  • RT says:

    The UFC is pissing away the Biggest fight ever, the fight that could expose all the UFC fanboys to the history of MMA, to show em what makes this shit great. Show Wandy killing spree in Japan, caving in Rampage’s face x2, show his battles w/ Dan henderson and CroCop not only does it show some of the best stuff ever in MMA it shows whats on the line for Wandy as well as how Bad Ass Hendo and CroCop are. They can do the same thing with Chuck show his Trips to Japan show him in the Grand Prix show Chuck vs Rampage 1 show. Show Wandy and Chucks big staredown, show Rampages Championship run. Talk to both of them about what this fight means to them. Build the fucking back story otherwise its just a match between losers. Its real fucking simple if your gonna do it do it right. As for what UFC are doing to hype the fight there are better hype HL’s on the interweb and thats fucking sad.

  • Asa says:

    Yeah man. PRIDE totally pwns the UFC at hyping fighters. In a six minute video they can show the personal life of Wandy and the transition into brutal raping machine in a way that turns non-believers into fans, and people who pay attention to losses into fans of of the fight itself.

    This should be a gimme for the UFC but they suck at marketing.

  • Asa says:

    Also, is it jsut that they’re afraid of spending money hyping “losers?” Doesn’t Dana realize that he isn’t selling wins or losses? Is anybody paying $50 to see five wins or are they paying for five fights?

    How much does it cost to put together a video like the one RT mentioned? The ones PRIDE did? Why aren’t they taking the XYENCE money and pumping that into their fighter promotion?

  • miken says:

    Apparently PETA kills 75-90% of the animals people bring them for adoption each year. Buncha phonies!

  • miken says:

    “Vegita, whats the scouter say about Mayweather’s ego level?”

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    I would love to give Mayweather the benefit of the doubt like Vee but it is a well-established fact that Floyd Jr. is a punk (albeit a very skilled one). I hope Hatton puts Mayweather on his ass and pressures him the entire fight.

  • el feo says:

    “Gimme some of that face to face, You know your fighin the best right? You ready to Die?” Money May is like apollo creed, and Hatton is like Rocky. Why in the fuck wouldnt the UFC let HBO handle there production, The shit is leaps and bounds beyond any other sports telecast out there let alone the ghetto fabulous spike TV production. We could be watching the Axe murder vs Iceman 24/7 and that would be the shit.”

    how fucking true this is….put 24/7 against those stale Countdown shows, it’s no contest. Of course it is premium vs basic cable…but they could easily do some kind of “free preview” or cross promote with Spike.

  • dignan says:

    el feo:

    I thought I enjoyed the poor production value of TUF.

    I just watched 24/7 on HBO, man they rule.

    All it comes down to is $$$ and if Zuffa/White don’t run it them selves, they are not maximizing their return. Too bad they are trying to reinvent the wheel that HBO uses so well.

  • M.O.B says:

    FightLinker, I am equally hyped as you are, but the finale will come first. I would love to see Hatton win this fight, but if Hatton sits in the pocket and swings (which is his style) Floyd will pick him apart all night with his counter punching and unique striking angles. When they say in MMA, its a classic Grapper Vs. Striker Match, this is very similar. Agressor Vs. Counter-Fighter. Plus I think Floyd has way too much experience. For the Finale, FightLinker you want Guida to smash Huerta obviously right?

  • Ason says:

    oh likable is one of the code words for “white” now?

  • Jersey Tomato says:


    your armchair psychology does nothing to refute the fact that Floyd Jr. is an arrogant little piece of shit. People want to see him lose, not because he is black, but because he is a punk. Take your white guilt elsewhere!

  • Vee says:

    ^Jersey Tomato, I’ll have to agree with you. And there are many people who like to argue otherwise, write books about it from historical perspective -ad nauseum. But Mayweather doesn’t do much or really care to endear himself to the boxing fans.

    I think he really enjoys playing the asshole. Like he said when he fought Zab Judah, Judah was the petulant immature braggart, and for that fight Mayweather played a more reserved role.

    Either way, who ever wins I just hope the fight is great. Which basically means Hatton will have to continuously press the action and get past Mayweather’s tight defense. Oscar was able to for a couple of rounds but he simply got out boxed.

    As far as boxing goes, it is kind of crazy that the most exciting matches are coming from the lighter divisions. The traditional light-heavyweight and heavyweight division = the UFC 185lbs division.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    I fully expect Hatton to pressure Mayweather the entire fight — that’s the only way he knows how to fight. The problem is Mayweather moves very well, owns the superior hand speed and is a natural welterweight. As much as it pains me to say so, I anticipate that Floyd will eventually wear him down and know him out after 6 or 7 rounds. Floyd Mayweather will eventually lose someday but it will not be to a guy who has fought his entire career as a light Welter. It will be to a super welterweight fighter who drops down to fight Floyd.
    If you recall, Hatton got a gift decision in his fight against Luis Collazo which was the last time he fought at 147 lbs. (Most observers had Collazo winning.) For Hatton to prevail, he would have to connect with a perfect punch on the chin and that assumes he possesses the requisite power. I expect it will be an uphill climb for the kid from Manchester. I would love to see him pull it off but I am not putting any money on this one.

  • Accomando says:

    Hatton has been doing his final week of training at the UFC training Center in Las Vegas, they showed him there on the 3rd episode of 24/7 that aired sunday, just another reason to pull for him.

  • Vee says:

    I think everybody will be surprised if he wins by TKO in the 6th or 7th round. I see this fight going the distance.

    Yeah, I wouldn’t put any money on this fight.