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Mayweather Hatton 24/7 Episode 4

All you boxing haters … watch this shit and tell me you aren’t excited for this fight. Interesting that Oscar De La Hoya, the promoter for the fight, shows up halfway through and gives Hatton a bunch of tips and information on how to beat Mayweather. Everyone hates the dude … I’m almost starting to feel sorry for him!

  • Archivist says:

    Buddy, i am indeed so fackin’ pumped.

  • dignan says:

    I also despise Mayweather.

    In spite of that…he trains like a mather facker.

  • Tommy says:

    Yeah I’m excited about that fight and all. But where are we in our bet Linker? A neked pic of my girl for one of you is a shit exchange. If I lose I’ll pay up but you got anything better to offer or what? Maybe some t-shirt calling you a loser or something. Got any product merchandise? Think quick Mr. Link.

  • steve24 says:

    Wouldn’t mind watching the fight for the possibility of Mayweather getting Ko’d but I’m not forking out no $60.

  • Josh Man says:

    The best part was the trainer getting stuck in the back with the needle. That was classic. Hatton probably is out of his league, but a Great White Hype is a nice dream. (Even if he is British.)

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    anton merriweather from In Living Color’s Men on Vacation?

    was De La Hoya giving the dude fashion address too?
    are fish nets stalkings in this season?

  • Granpuba says:

    I personally have no reason to hate Mayweather…Most people hate cocky black athletes anyways, Im personally not a “hater” and can appreciate Mayweather but I also respect Hatton’s skill too…but just like the De La Hoya fight most people are going to be disappointed when they see Mayweather raise the belts in the air while he’s still flashing his cash in your faces LOL

  • Granpuba says:

    “The reason he was able to make 2, 3, 4, 5, and fuckin 6, was because people believed in bullshit”

    Roger Mayweather is a funny dude

  • LR says:

    In a broad sense, this is a gold mine for hyping a boxing match.

  • Xavier says:

    I’d be hyped for this if Hatton weren’t a white boy can designed to sell tickets based off racism. Hatton isn’t even close to Mayweather’s league.

  • Booker says:

    Hatton must have been messing around with some dirty hookers in Vegas because he’s got some gross herpes on his lips…How the hell do you not have acne anywhere on your face accept one spot on your upper lip…shits disgusting….

  • goo says:

    UFC headquarters! Come on Hatton haha!

  • fightfan says:

    Not a big boxing fan…..BUT, I would love to see Floyd get the piss beat out of him. Or, in his elaborate entrance…….he falls of the king’s chair, or whatever he will be carried in on and BREAKS his everything.

  • Tommy says:

    I don’t know. Hatton cuts from 175lbs which makes him the much bigger man. A similar opponent they’ve had was Jose Luis Castillo. Floyd won a 12 rd decision while Hatton KO’ed him in the 4th. Now Mayweather does enjoy a 7in reach advantage and with his hit and run style he will be hard to corner. Should be a good fight though. I gotta root against Mayweather, all he does is try to win a fight on points and that style of fighting is one of the reasons boxing has taken a dive.

  • Accomando says:

    “…I’d be hyped for this if Hatton weren’t a white boy can designed to sell tickets based off racism. Hatton isn’t even close to Mayweather’s league…”

    Dude, Mayweather barely beat a 35 year old De la Hoya who hadn’t fought in over a year. Give me a break, you don’t think the De La Hoya/Mayweather fight was selling tickets based off “racism” if you use the same logic? Come on, Judah gave Mayweather a tough fight, and everyone has been builiding their record off him lately.

    Tickets based off “racism”? Do you know anything about Ricky Hatton? Watch, most of the crowd will be cheering for Hatton at the fight with British accents, and “racism” would have had absolutely nothing to do with the reason why the bought the tickets. I checked, the CHEAPEST ticket for Mayweather/Hatton is just over 1,000 dollars, and thats for like a nosebleed seat.

    So, whatever, Hatton has a chance and he ain’t no can.

  • TIGERTAO says:

    Accomando Speaks the truth! FTW Ricky!!

  • Xavier says:

    “So, whatever, Hatton has a chance and he ain’t no can.”

    Looks like “Gerry Cooney for a new generation” has some fans. They probably passed over ten superior black fighters to face Mayweather just because they know the American PPV audience will pay whatever it takes to try to see a “nice clean cut white boy” beat up a “mouthy black man.” It’s been that way since Jack Johnson, it’s that way today. Hatton is probably a nice guy and he could certainly beat the crap out of me, but he’s not even a 35 year old De La Hoya who hasn’t fought in a year.

    He’s a can and he’s going to get the shitty snot beat out of him. He’s simply not in Mayweather’s league and has only been booked because he’s a white boy that will sell PPV’s.

  • marshal says:

    “All you boxing haters … watch this shit”
    I’ll be excited right up until the first punch is thrown, because it’s boxing. The show made me interested in the result, not the sport.

  • Mayweather had ‘retired’ … he came back because Hatton goaded him by calling him a boring chump champ. Boxers pick the fights … boxing is kinda lame like that but oh well

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Man, after watching that I am really psyched to find out which of these two men has been picked by organized crime to lose. Boxing is awesome, even when it’s completely a fraud!*

    *Even when the matches aren’t fixed, they aren’t between evenly matched competitors, so that would be all the time. Cheers!

  • Kalak says:

    No, I don´t care very much about this match.
    The reason is, that no matter who wins, I belive that any remotely semi-good MMA fighter, like myself, could beat the winner of that match in an MMA-fight. The fact that any of them would obviously beat me in a boxing match is beside the point.
    The attraction of boxing used to be its status as fighting, as an instrument to decide which man was the strongest, thus boxing champions were considered the most dangerous men on Earth. Not anymore. Now boxers are just athletes, like tennis players or swimmers, who would get their asses kicked if the squared off against an MMA fighter.
    Boxing has lost its mystique.

  • That’s like saying “I don’t care who wins in Olympic swimming because I could beat the shit out of any of those dudes in MMA”

    Why even watch the academy awards? Fuck Hillary Swank, I could beat that bitch in MMA

    Nobel Prize? Fuck you Nelson Mandela, lets see you in the goddamn octagon!

  • Accomando says:

    “…Looks like “Gerry Cooney for a new generation” has some fans. They probably passed over ten superior black fighters to face Mayweather…”

    Cooney was a heavyweight and an American, huge fucking difference! 10 superior black fighters? Name them. 43-0, multiple titles, top 10 P4P boxer in the world, wake up Xavier, you don’t know shit about Hatton or this subject of boxing. Stop talking out your ass with this race-based bullshit.

  • Kalak says:

    @ Fightlinker: Olympic swimming, acting and the Nobel Prize never claimed to be an instrument to decide which man was the strongest and deadliest. Boxing did, that was the whole point. Boxing was, and still is, called “fighting”.
    I think Mayweather is going to win tonight, but I´m sure Hatton would kick his ass in a pub fight. And thats the problem, boxing has lost its status as said insturment to decide which man is the strongest.

  • i guess i can understand that … i just enjoy it as a sport and as a challenge. With the hype 24/7 has built, i’d watch them square off for a thumb war or bowling match

  • marco9690 says:

    Help, I believe prior on this site there have been listings of bars televising live UFC PPV’s, does anyone have a similar list of bars showing tonight’s hatton/Mayweather fight…..I’m interested in a boxing match about once every 3 years and this is the one….thanks

  • Xavier says:

    “Now boxers are just athletes, like tennis players or swimmers, who would get their asses kicked if the squared off against an MMA fighter.”

    Roger Federer would kick your ass at MMA, you ‘tard.

    The Nobel Prize competition would be way better if it were a instrument to decide which man is the strongest and deadliest. I want to see high level scientists fight it out.

  • DND says:

    Think this is gonna be closer than predicted. Sure Mayweather has the speed and the defence but he has never really been put under pressure by anyone. Even De la Hoy due to his age lacked power behind his barrage of punches exspecially in last 6 rounds. As for Hatton he can get carried away and walk onto crucile blows as he tries to punch his way through Mayweathers defence.

    This will go one if 2 ways :

    Mayweather points win if he sticks to his boxing logic and does not get involved in a punching standoff.

    Hatton to knock out Mayweather round 6 after putting the Pound for pound fighter under too much pressure. (My Fav)

    Peace DND

  • marshal says:

    I’d rather watch an mma undercard for WEC than this overhyped caca. Boring = Boxing = watching paint dry when compared to the dynamics and freshness of mma.

  • Xavier says:

    White can got crushed. Told you bitches. You people always buy into this shit. Cooney. McNeely. Hatton.

    Hopefully Mayweather actually fights some strong competition from now on, unless some other white overhyped clown-can comes out of the woodwork to play on more racist “sensibilities.”

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Yes, Xavier, you were right. You certainly did a good job of predicting how the crime syndicate that ran this show would want it to end. Bully for you.

    Aren’t people the least bit suspicious that boxing is the ONLY sport in the universe where multiple contestants can get over 50 wins with no losses? This sort of gullibility explains the American political process.

  • Joe Kid says:

    so much for ricky hatton… who’s next.

    there’s only one mayweather!

  • Next stop: Cotto. Population: Mayweather’s kicked ass!

  • mike says:

    everyone who hates mayweather must not know a thing. hes unstoppable and the best boxer in the world. he proved that to hatton real quick.

  • gmcryder says:

    nobody cant stop floyd man! hes the best! all of his opponets got their butts panked and ricky certainly got the feeling of what its liked to be panked my homeboi floyd.

    my homeboi does talk a lot of trash, but he knows how to back it up, so don’t hate money may okay? lol