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Mayhem was blackballed by Showtime

Finally we learn the reason why Jason Mayhem Miller has been riding the bench at Strikeforce. Dana White explains why they brought him over and proves two things: Showtime are morons and the Mayhem signing doesn’t mean the UFC is planning on gutting Strikeforce just yet:

Mayhem, he’s banished from CBS for life. In my opinion, he was a guy that was put into a position — first of all, we control what happens inside that Octagon; the fighters do not. In our organization, you don’t see melees break out in huge fights. And you see what happens when somebody does cross the line and does stuff like that.

I think Mayhem was put in a bad position. And I don’t know — I haven’t talked to Mayhem about this; this is just what I believe, in conversations I’ve had with Joe Silva.

I think he was put in there to promote a fight. Anybody who would throw Mayhem Miller in there when the Diaz brothers are in there — I mean (makes a stirring motion with his hands) it’s a (freaking) recipe for disaster. I don’t blame Mayhem for the whole situation.

Joe wanted him, so he got in here.

Mayhem Miller had a contract with those guys. He wasn’t being fought because he couldn’t fight on Showtime, he couldn’t fight on CBS, so he was in a bad position.

Soooo … anyone else think it’s kinda strange that Mayhem’s MMA career was purposefully derailed while Nick Diaz (who’s been with Showtime through two brawls and a last second title fight cancellation due to marijuana) was still treated like a golden child?

According to Kevin Iole, the technical reason came down to Nick Diaz having a corner pass and being allowed in the cage at the time while Mayhem Miller did not. So by Showtime’s dumbass logic, Miller going where he wasn’t supposed to go was worse than Jake Shields and Nick Diaz flipping out and nearly starting a riot.

The real reason was probably more along the lines of Nick being a proven ratings draw while Jason Miller was not. Although that’s not really fair … Miller never got a chance to do much in Strikeforce and prove his worth either way. He wasn’t the one that turned his fight with Jake Shields into a lay’n’pray snoozer. If you wanna talk about proven ratings records, Jake Shields has proven that he’s ratings poison, so it’s retarded to base Miller’s popularity off their fight.

Away from Strikeforce, he’s got that hit show on MTV and everyone in the sport knows and loves him. Several of Strikeforce’s biggest potential fights involved his name being in the mix. Yeah, a total fucking dud he was. Bench that guy.


  • frickshun says:

    I like Mayhem but he’s gonna get raped by any decent rasslers in the UFC. Glad he’ll get a fucking American paycheck to fight though. It’s been a long time coming.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    I want the Maia fight ASAP, but Chael would be delicious in the lead-up.