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Mayhem Sr

As usual, when inspiration runs dry, I turn to the youtubes for content. Behold the latest episode of the Jason Mayhem Miller show, where Mayhem hangs out with his dad.

  • twankydawg says:

    Bahahahahahaha! That was some funny shit at the end when he was chasing the chickens.

  • andres says:

    Hey fightlinker I’ve been tryin to find out how to get a hold of u have u heard about nerd mma well at tv program called attack of the show “like a blog for nerds but live”
    On g4tv
    Well the had like 1 month ago
    2 mma nerds from a show based in la and had them figght after the first round they were asked nerd based questions then they fought and etc for 3 rounds
    Well there first event ended in the first round by knockout
    Since one of the fighters was a lay an pray fucker he shot and got kneed in the face ahhaaha so no questions were asked fuck I love mma

    Well its on tomorow on g4tv find it watch it then thank my dumbfuck ass for it

  • Higgz says:

    andres, you are the most articulate “dumbfuck ass” I’ve ever encountered. You should write poetry for downsyndromed-siamese-underprivileged-twins.

  • koolpaw says:

    And mayhem just have posted new video of his entrance at the last HDnet Fights to show off his silver pants and mask with red cape lol.

    Adam Morgan of was damn right, Tim Kennedy was NO joke. it was tough fight for mayhem !

  • Andres, I’ll check it out. If it’s awesome as it sounds, we’ll try and get on that shit!

  • Captain Beefheart says:

    Hey Higgz
    Did you actually mean INarticulate? Andres’ post was poorly written, but yours wasn’t much better.

  • all of yours speling is wrong

  • Autoguy says:

    Hey captain beefinjection I pretty sure Higgz was being sarcastic

  • Frank Costello says:

    I’m trying to imagine a combined Mayhem and Rampage show, that would be some hilarious shit.

  • andres says:

    Higgz thanx man u just made my day

  • andres says:

    Oh yea by the way im on a fuckin phone bitchess hahahaahaha look more mispelin wacha gona du huh

  • higgz says:

    Glad I could help make your day, andres. I always misspell wheb I use my phone as well.

    And yes, it’s called sarcasm Captain Beefinjection. like when your girlfriend told you it was a good size.