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Mayhem Miller will quit if he loses to CB Dollaway

Chael Sonnen isn’t the only one making big pro-wrestling ‘Loser leaves town’ declarations. Mayhem Miller is thinking along the same lines leading up to his UFC 146 fight with CB Dollaway:

“I’m on my own chopping block. If I lose to him, I’m quitting! I don’t even deserve to be in there! There’s not an easy fight. In the UFC, there’s no easy fight. He doesn’t deserve to be in there with me, and I’ll prove it. I’ll prove it in under a round, because, we see, I tend to get tired in the second round. We’re both in a similar spot in our career I guess. We’re both on the chopping block.” 

It’s better to quit than be fired, but would the UFC really fire him? That would be his second loss and typically you’d think someone like Mayhem would be given at least half a Hardy to turn things around before being fired. But alas, gassing out and completely blowing his TUF coach fight against Michael Bisping put Miller on Dana’s sh*tlist. Whether you’re there for missing weight or getting tired or just being fatter than the boss thinks you should be, it’s probably best not to lose any matches when you’re in that position.