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Mayhem Miller vs Danny Bonaduce?

Rumors are swirling that Jason Mayhem Miller slapped Danny Bonaduce yesterday:

Anyway, the eyewitness claims that “Mayhem” confronted Danny about stealing a bit from the fighter’s radio show which Bona-douche then used on his own show. For the finale, Miller simply slapped Bonduce in the face and walked calmly back into Legends. Just normal afternoon conversation between two super classy guys.

I’m pretty dubious about this story, since Bonaduce is a known psychopath who has a history of never passing up a chance to assault someone who initiated contact. He’s also a fairly decent boxer, and while I wouldn’t bet on him in a tussle I would bet on him to at least fight back.

  • Steve4192 says:

    Isn’t Mayhem still on probation for his prior assault charge?

    A professional fighter instigating a fight while on probation is beyond stupid, even if the little red-headed douchebag he slapped is in dire need of a beatdown.

  • Andy says:

    “Bona-deuche” would have gotten severely fucked up by Miller. Starting fights with nobodies is one thing, starting a fight with a MMA star is another. He’s stupid but I doubt that stupid. The only way that would have ended was him out cold on the floor in a RNC.

  • Steve4192 says:

    … and by the way, I despise Danny Bonaduce, but dumping Johnny Fairplay on his head was the one cool thing he has done in his sad and pathetic life. I only wish he would have curb stomped that annoying little bastard after he went splat.

  • dignan says:

    Bonadouche is a classic Napoleon Blowhard. He is full of shit, and only picks the battles he is guaranteed to win.

    So when a guy bigger, badder, or more well trained them him calls him out he runs for the border.

  • owen says:

    the caduce stole a bit from the jason ellis show on sirius 28 faction which mayhem is on every monday. so when mayhem saw the douchebag walk by legends he walked out in shorts and bag gloves and slapped him.

  • RedSweat says:

    I recently lost a lot of respect for Miller. He agreed to do an interview with me (actually his response when I asked him was “i guess so”) for my site. After that I messaged him a few times and he never contacted me again. So I smacked him on ProElite and his response was “gay gayness”. Anyways I’d like to smack him in the face right about now!

  • Jersey Tomato says:


    I am glad to see you taking a stand against Mayhem. He really disrespected you, dude.

    Unfortunately, you probably just earned yourself a bitch-slap like Danny Boy. (Miller no doubt monitors this site on a daily basis.) You seem genuinely upset by the blow-off. The good thing is getting smacked usually does not hurt too much though the redness may remain for a while.

  • Fightlinker,
    I don’t know if I can agree with you on Bonaduce being a “fairly decent boxer.” Unless he improved since that time he appeared on the Celebrity Boxing gig….

  • Tneck says:

    Danny Bonaduce Bites Local DJ (fight ensues)

  • andres says:

    Yup its true he confrimed it yesterday on ellises show or alledgeetley

  • Esther says:

    Yeah, true. I just asked Mayhem. He said “Yup. 100%”

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    Bonaduce is downright scrawny now that he quit juicing.

  • 32hunter says:

    I was listening to the Ellis show today when Mayhem called in, he had just Talked to his lawyer and there may be charges or a lawsuit from this, with Jason Ellis being just as liable as Mayhem for suggesting the slap.

  • how do you tune into the ellis show?

  • 32hunter says:

    It’s on Sirius satellite radio, the channel is “Faction Radio”, and now that I think about it with your sense of humor you’d love his show. Anyway I’ll give a quick rundown of the events that led to this. Boneduchi ripped off a radio bit, so Ellis and Mayhem have been feuding for a couple months, last week Mayhem called into Boneduchi’s show told him off and was hung up on. Yesterday Mayhem’s working out and see’s boneduchi through the window walking down the street . Miller runs outside confronts him, they argue a bit, and then Miller slaps him. Apparently Boneduchi wanted to fight back but he’s not stupid enough to fight a top 20 middleweight. And that leads to the lawyer call today. Damn I hope miller doesn’t go jail over this.

  • I can’t remember if he was declared not guilty of the whole assault thing in hawaii or not. I could have sworn i’d blogged about it, but it seems like that was in one of the versions of Fightlinker that was swallowed by upgrades

  • Nismo says:

    If you have not listened to the Jason Ellis show you need to. He is “The Future” of radio. His sense of humor is crazy. I listen to it everyday. Sirius channel 28 from 2-6 central time. Mayhem is on the show every Monday. They call it “Mayhem Mondays”. This is the funniest radio show I have ever heard. is Ellis’s website or go to Either way you will kick yourself a goal!!

    Just to clear some stuff up.
    1. Jason Ellis never suggested it seriously if he ever said it at all. I listen to his show daily and I never heard Ellis tell Mayhem to slap, hit or assault him at all. They have joked about “Kaduche” a lot.
    2.Bona-douche did steal his “What’s Worse?” part of his show for his own radio show.