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Mayhem Miller is playing a dangerous game

I like Jason Mayhem Miller a lot … he’s an exciting fighter with lots of personality, so how could you not? But I’m worried for this guy. Why? Because he’s playing a dangerous game. Miller is signed with the WEC and getting some good coin. However, on the side he’s been doing some stuff with ProElite, also known as EliteXC, also known as THE FUCKING COMPETITION. Yeah, it’s just promoted chats on the ProElite website and other mundane stuff like banner ads. But remember: Zuffa owns the WEC now and I have no doubt that Dana White will not look kindly on Miller fraternizing with the enemy, especially considering the media push they’re giving him.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the UFC from running this website is that they’re assholes. If there’s two things, it’s that they’re assholes and they value loyalty just as much as some dumb Italian mafia stereotypes. So please Jason … for the sake of your career, I’d make sure you’re not pissing in anyone’s Cheerios by working with EliteXC.

  • Jonathan says:

    Now who is slurping Dana’s cock?

  • What, calling them assholes? I ain’t lovin’ on Dana, I’m just pointing out that he’s a fucking psycho when it comes to his guys doing shit with the competition.

  • Jonathan says:

    Yeah, but you;re begging your boy not to…UPSET them? Come now? I say do he should do whateva the hell that he wants to…and I think that is what that crazy mofo is going to do.

  • Haha, well if he wants to be Braveheart, then have fun. I just don’t think he realizes the implications of what he’s doing.

  • Big Fern says:

    ha..hey man this site’s cool. me thinks i’ll be checkin it a bit more often. funny commentary

  • Thanks man we appreciate it. Love your URL 😉

  • intenso says:

    this guy is nothing to the UFC. If he fucks around too much they will drop him and not think twice. It’s a buyers market in MMA. There are many many fighters and very very few promotions.

  • Cyrus says:

    Hahah.. Dana’s got bigger things to worry about than lil Jason Mayhem Miller. What about Matt Hughes repping Lawler? What about all the UFC guys who go to all the ProElite events? What about Gary Shaw and Mark Cuban starting to fuck with his business on a serious level? That egomaniacal prick’s up to his balls with other bullshit. Cant wait until that uncle fester motherfucker drowns in it. Hhahaha what a fucking loser ahahahahhaha. Great for the fans and the athletes! He’s losing control!