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Mayhem Miller has a rat on his team

If you haven’t been watching this season’s Ultimate Fighter, you’ve been missing out on some decent shenanigans and fights. Mayhem and Bisping have been jawing it up good and pranking eachother non-stop, and there’s enough egos, crazies, and three-testicled contestants on the show to make the drama enjoyable. One area where the drama crosses over into the fights is the case of John Dodson, aka Team Mayhem’s rat. I’d explain to you what he’s up to but why do that when he does it himself in his TUF Sherblog:

There were only three flyweights in the house, so we all stuck together. We had our own little balcony that we claimed as our own. We marked our spot and were hoping to set the bar for the flyweights. We made a pact before team picks that we would help out each other. It just so happens that the people that I hung out with the most got picked to be on the other team. I knew that was going to be a bad situation. I got picked by the team that I wanted to be on, but I didn’t get the teammates that I wanted to hang out with.

If we look at the way it went down, there were five members member of Death Leprachauns. Yeah, I know it is spelled wrong, but none us in the house knew how to spell “leprechaun” at the time, so we left it the way it was. Then, Bedford chimed in and told us how it was supposed to look after we had already written it on the board. Whatever. Anyway, there were five Death Leprachauns on Team Bisping and only me on Team Mayhem. You all can guess how this went down. I helped them to help me.

Who were the members of DL? Well, I’m glad you asked. DL was me, Gaudinot, Ferguson, Corassani, Brimage and Brandao. We were grabbing life by the horns, which was the motto for the DL. When the time to pick the fight came around, the DL members knew who was going to be chosen because of me. I tried to give Josh a fighting chance. He knew who he was fighting. If they knew who they were fighting, they said they would help me get my first choice of the fight I wanted in the house.

Not only did Dodson grab life’s horns by squealing out his team’s fight picks, he also told the other team about a hand injury Johnny Bedford suffered during the fight into the house. Bedford still managed to win fight one handed, but that’s some straight up selling out of your teammates right there. I know this is TUF and the teams are just a reality show construct. But shit, dawg. Where I come from, people like that get slapped.