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Mayhem Miller and Michael Spitsbing are your new TUF coaches

If TUF sucks next season, it’s not going to be because the coaches are duller than blocks of wood. Dana White just confirmed that Mayhem Miller will be taking Chael Sonnen’s place opposite Michael Bisping as the coaches of The Ultimate Fighter 14.

The season begins filming in June and debuts on Spike TV in September.

Bisping (21-3 MMA, 11-3 UFC) and Miller (24-7 MMA, 0-1 UFC) will meet in a season-ending fight at an event to be determined.

For the time in series history, “TUF 14” is expected to feature bantamweight and featherweight fighters. A 28-man, 32-slot tournament will be used. After an elimination round of fights, an official cast of 14 fighters will be determined. Two opening-round losers then will get second life as wild-card picks who fight for the eighth spot in the quarterfinal bracket.

This was the obvious answer to the UFC’s coach problem, although a scheduled fight between Mayhem and Aaron Simpson had some worried they might not be smart enough to push it through. Fortunately, Zuffa is run by generally intelligent people (unlike a certain other company that benched Mayhem) and they didn’t let that little (soon to be canceled?) detail stop them from putting this together.

Will this fix the problems with The Ultimate Fighter? Who knows? The show is set up so coaches aren’t really forced to interact with each other very much anymore. But Michael Bisping still managed to be a grand ol dog cunt the last time he coached, and that was without Mayhem around to clown things up. Plus I have to hope the UFC mined the 135 and 145 pound divisions for talent on this season. The fights over the past three seasons have been the only thing more boring than the house antics, so let’s hope the little guys bring some of that dearly departed WEC magic in with them.


  • fightfan says:

    I hope the fighters do what they did with BJ/Pulver. I hope people simply refuse to be on that maggot’s team(Bisping). That would kick a$$ if Mayhem said, “who here wants to be on my team”??? And EVERYONE raised their hands.

    Seriously though, unless there are fighters from the UK/Austrailia, etc, etc., who the fuck would want Bisping as a coach?

    Bisping got a coach gig, and all the perks that go with it, & a probable title eliminator bout as punishment from his last fight That is what being punished means from Dana to Bisping. I wouldnt want to see if he actually DID punish Bisping?

    So by thowing an INTENTIONAL & ILLEGAL knee that led to a win, SPITTING thru the Octagon at Rivera’s coaches, and regularly using the word faggot gets Spits rewarded with a TUG gig. Makes me hope this fucker gets beat even worse than what Henderson did to him

  • frickshun says:

    I dig it.

  • DSPTomK says:

    Lighter-weight fighters create good fights.  Mayhem is awesome. Bisping is an entertaining dick.  Thumbs up for the next season of TUF. 

  • shillyer says:

    plus it will be fun to watch mayhem beat the puss out of bisbing 

  • CAP says:

    I may actually watch an episode.

  • Jim Harbaugh Scramble says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, go Bisping!

    So is the Mayhem/Aaron Miller fight off now?

  • Reverend Clint says:

    might be worth watching

  • Reverend Clint says:

    mayhem should bring in chael as guest coach for a few episodes

  • Night Rider says:

    Great news, it’ll be nice to actually look forward to TUF for once. Go Mayhem, and I was wondering the same regarding the aaron simpson bout.


    Edit, answered: just learned hes out of the Simpson bout to accomodate filming of TUF. 

  • Sifoe says:

    Spitsbing is garbage

  • blutspender says:

    This might be the first TUF in years that I’m interested in.

  • iamphoenix says:

    so you’re saying miller fights each cast member at the end of each show?

  • Billytk says:

    Sonnen would have been better but with the commisions being useless A$$holes as usual this probably the next best match up (for TV ratings)

  • Márcio says:

    A dick and a unfunny douchebag… can’t wait.

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    the funny thing about macrio’s post is that depending on who you are asking they may not know who is the dick or unfunny douchebag lol

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    First of all, Marcio is spot-on.  Second, I think their personalities could really grind on each other and make for entertaining torture TV.

  • subo says:

    Marcio would be singing Mayhem’s fucking praises if he worked anywhere else.

  • Márcio says:

    Don’t be silly.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Word – Marcio has historically been a big fan of lazy grapplers who get violent with their girlfriends.

    Personally, I like him as a shit-disturber in very rare situations against people who I do not find socially agreeable.