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Mayhem at least gets a cameo on CBS

Don’t worry, Jackals. You won’t have to choose.

You know, it’s such a tragedy. You put on a full-on slobberknocker of a middleweight title fight between Jake Shields and Jason Miller, and it just tears the fucking house down. Fuck FOTY – early FOTD candidate. Then, the signing of Dan ‘Who Cares If He’s 39?’ Henderson, while clearly not another example of suicidal financial overreach, takes away the potential of a rematch that the world pretty much demanded the second the fight was over. Now, an entire legion of fans cast their lonely eyes on a card only featuring one of the two exciting, multifaceted, dynamic fighters that excited us for almost half an hour.

Hark! Coker saves the day!

The recently added fight between Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Tim Stout set for the Strikeforce Nashville card on April 17 will be the fourth bout to air on CBS during the Saturday night broadcast.

Strikeforce president Scott Coker made the announcement during a media conference call on Tuesday, stating the fight would air at some point during the broadcast.

“That fight will air in some form, whether it’s a highlight package or in its entirety, will be based upon the timing of the other fights,” said Coker.

Now see, the old Subo would’ve either skipped this entirely or been enough of a dick to mention that a)Miller has gone from a title fight against Jake Shields to a guy that is 8-fucking 7 and b) the only real reason that this is happening is that Lashley wasn’t available, something that was confirmed all of yesterday. Three title fights, with one involving a fighter at his second fight ever at the weight class defending the belt (Mousasi) and Mayhem Miller fighting an 8-7 opponent coming off of a title shot, with pro wrestlers confirmed participants being axed less than two weeks out – I bet I would’ve compared that shit to PRIDE or something. But this is the new Subo, who is clearly above pointing out the realities that surround us all, so as to avoid the flames.

If this isn’t their last CBS card, the gods must be crazy.