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Mayhem gets off with misdemeanor vandalism

Well that was close. Someone famous almost got into a lot of legal trouble but fortunately the system works:

Former UFC and Strikeforce fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller has been charged with one misdemeanor count of vandalism by the Orange County District Attorney.

The charge alleged against Miller was detailed in a complaint filed by the Orange County District Attorney on Wednesday.

“Miller did maliciously and unlawfully deface with graffiti and other inscribed material, damage, and destroy church property, real and personal property belonging to Mission Hills Baptist Church, in the amount of $400 and more,” the complaint reads.

So after all is said and done, the damage amounted to under half a grand and a carpet shampoo. And here we were worried Mayhem was gonna end up in jail or something. He’s still really really realy lucky here. He clearly broke into the place, and exposing the police to your wrinkly ballsack can often result in charges too. Often including ‘resisting arrest’ if the cops who arrive first decide to play Beat the Naked Transient with Batons.