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Maybe Rogan couldn’t get a ticket either?

For the many many many people around Montreal who couldn’t get tickets and the millions watching around the world, you’ll be getting something a bit different at UFC83: Kenny Florian in the commenting booth instead of Joe Rogan:

“I’ll be commentating actually, start to finish, my first, my debut as the co-commentator,” said Florian on MMAWeekly Radio Friday night. “I’ll be there with Goldie. Goldie will be leading the way; he’ll be the quarterback. I’ll be the kind of back up.”

Florian, who helped with the play-by-play of the main event fight between Roger Huerta and Clay Guida last December, will assume the duties of color commentator because regular color man, Joe Rogan, had previous obligations and will be unable to attend.

It’s not unusual for Rogan to miss a show here or there because of conflicts … the guy is still doing tons of stand up comedy and acting on the side. But is it too much to wish that once in a while Goldberg could miss a show? While my guess is that Goldberg will be Goldberg no matter who’s in the booth with him, I’d really like to see how Rogan played off someone who wasn’t a complete doofus.

  • Cecil's Peeps says:

    Rogan fears poutine!

  • I actually LOVE Goldie on all the scripted commentary like when he’s announcing who is about to fight and all their stats and stuff as well as any of the Unleashed shows. Hearing his voice (which, you have to admit is a really good voice for voice-work) means some UFC throwdown is about to begin and it just gives me a “warm fuzzy” inside. I don’t get that from any other org’s voice-guys. HOWEVER, the second the fight starts and he doesn’t have a script to read from, it all goes to shit and he becomes the biggest idiot on the planet.

  • You’ve been conditioned, Pavlov’s Bell style 😉 I don’t mind Goldberg either, but goddamn. Dude never misses an event.

  • Random Acts of Kindness says:

    Any news on what prior commitment is keeping Joe away from the UFC FINALLY making it to Canada? Even though he’s mildly annoying as a fighter (“I FINISH FIGHTS BLA BLA BLA CHEESE ELBOWS”, combined with the fact that he looks like he’s training with the Auschwitz camp), Kenneth wasn’t all that horribad in his Huerta commentating. But yeah… Rogan + Kenneth would been a nice combo.

  • TKO Todd says:

    I actually don’t mind Goldie. He’s way better than any of the guys on Elite XC. They all annoy the shit out of me.

  • Accomando says:

    “…But is it too much to wish that once in a while Goldberg could miss a show…”


  • clint notestine says:

    I think Joe’s apart of the 420 tv special on G4tv.

  • sebastian says:

    When you replace a guy like Rogan, you’re getting usually getting something better. Finding someone decent to do Goldies job though is impossible.

  • Atom says:

    I think they’re both good. Well, “I like listening to them” might be more accurate. I enjoy Goldie’s mistakes as much as I like Rogan’s insight. But seriously, If theres one thing that the argument over commentators proves time and time again, its that SOME MMA FANS WILL BITCH ABOUT ANYTHING!

  • pauli says:

    ufc 42 had joe rogan and phil baroni instead of goldberg. it… wasn’t all that bad, really.

  • Lifer says:

    who would pass up a vacation to beautiful montreal?

  • Xavier says:

    I wonder if he got suspended for the “rape choke” bullshit comment. Interesting.

  • Vlad says:

    Does anyone else think Rogan can’t get in because of a crimnal record in the US?

    We’ve all heard the horror stories of so many fighters trying to get into Canada and get screwed because of stupid misdemeanors.

    These UFC dates are booked months in advance…this is going to be the largest attended UFC in history. It my have a shot at historical PPV numbers.

    And Joe Rogan TWO WEEKS before the event, all of a sudden has PRIOR commitments.

    Smells fishy to me…

  • He also had a bit of an ‘off’ night making some inappropriate comments n stuff. But Dana White would never shitcan him so that possibility is out. You could google him and see if he’s performed in Canada before, i’m pretty sure he has but i’m not 100%