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Maybe not the best call to remind us of what happened, Dan

MMA-Core takes good care of me sometimes. Couldn’t find the crying gif, though.

Courtesy of Nick Thomas at BE (full interview at Sportsnet):

“Obviously GSP won, you look at the scorecard and he was dominant in his victory. But I didn’t feel like I was beaten up in any way, I wasn’t injured, I wasn’t hurt. He took the win from me but he didn’t take the fight from me.

“I wasn’t beaten mentally or physically. I don’t know, it must be frustrating for the fans and it’s frustrating for me because I know that GSP has the kind of potential to make more of a fight out of it. But he’s very good at wrestling and he chooses to stick with the safe option to keep his belt. I mean you can’t hold it against him. It’s not what I would do in his situation but I’m not in his situation right now, so I can’t really make those calls.”

1) You were, in fact, beaten mentally and physically.
2) I didn’t feel any frustration watching Georges St Pierre work your ass
3) He is, in fact, very good at wrestling, but I’m pretty sure it takes two to ‘make more of a fight of it’
4) I don’t think you’ll ever be in Georges St Pierre’s situation, you know, the one where people give you shit for a 50-43 decision.

All kidding aside, though, shame on GSP for exploiting his opponent’s weaknesses en route to dominating victories. Prick.