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Maybe not 100k

There’s been a whole lotta ‘wrong’ floating around the blogosphere nowadays, so I suppose it shouldn’t be a big surprise that the $100,000 base figure attached to the UFC’s new ass-raping sponsorship system isn’t as accurate as we once thought it was. From an MMA Payout article on Dethrone returning to the UFC:

A major point of discussion – and contention – between the UFC and various potential MMA sponsors has been the recent implementation of a so-called “sponsorship tax,” which is rumoured to be a semi-annual $100,000 payment to Zuffa for the right to sponsor fighters at Zuffa events and advertise on their person. is now learning that a semi-annual tax or fee of $100,000 isn’t exactly accurate. The negotiations were deemed “fair,” which is to suggest that the MMA community may know far less than it thought in regards to this UFC business policy (isn’t that always the case?). We’ll have more on this matter soon.

The big question here is what the fuck ‘fair’ means. And would any company really go on record and say their new deal with the UFC sucked?