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Maybe Kimbo isn’t screwed

CagePotato has put together some Zapruder-esque evidence suggesting that Kimbo Slice may not get his ass completely kicked by former IFL champ Roy Nelson next week on TUF. The above image (and two others which ‘identify’ Roy using a tattoo for some reason instead of his unmistakable massive gut) was taken from the promo commercials SpikeTV aired on the episode and seem to show Kimbo doing pretty well, landing a big shot on the feet and attacking a downed Nelson against the cage.

Of course, this is like 3 frames out of a potential 14,400 frame fight, so who knows how it will turn out. But up until this point I was pretty much convinced that Slice was dead meat. Now … well, I still think he’s dead meat, but even a half-decent performance against a veteran like Nelson would be  something of a vindication for Slice.