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Maybe Anderson Silva will fight Jon Jones after all…

Great Odin’s beard! Anderson Silva said he might just possibly consider maybe fighting Jon Jones!

“People are talking about that so much that… I don’t have this ambition, this (fight) doesn’t motivate me, especially since they have other athletes in my team, such as Lil’ Nog, Maldonado, Feijao, Caldeirao (Wagner Prado), that are in his weight class. My weight class is 185, my belt is of that weight class. But people are talking so much about this, and we are employees of the UFC. Of course, I could be saying that I don’t want it, but what if he goes out and accepts the money Dana is proposing for him to fight? It will be hard (not to accept it). It’s not the money that motivates me to fight, I fight because I like it. So, I don’t know. I wouldn’t like (to fight him). But if it’s going to happen, it would have to be at a catchweight. The belt shouldn’t be at play. I already have mine and I don’t want a belt to be left at the side.”

Yeah it would be so horrible to become the first multi-belt holder in the history of the UFC. Don’t do that! Spoiler alert, Anderson. None of the guys you just mentioned (not even Wagner and Fabio!) are about to take the belt off Jon Jones. If you really want to help out, you’ll do it for them and send Jones off to the heavyweight division.