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Mauro Ranallo out, Jay Glazer in

Considering they already added Megadeth to the show, I figured Affliction was shooting towards a full on assault of our ears for their July 19th show. But one guy who’s essential to any aural assault in MMA will not be there: Mauro Ranallo, AKA the carnival barker of MMA commentary:

In fact, according to press release issued just this morning, “television sports reporter and announcer, Jay Glazer, will handle blow-by-blow action” for the pay-per-view (PPV) and Fox Sports Net (FSN) telecasts.

Glazer will be shoulder-to-shoulder with color commentators, Frank Trigg and “Big” John McCarthy. This won’t be the first time Glazer and Trigg have teamed up — the pair hosted the Pride FC special programs that often aired on FSN.

Love him or hate him, Mauro plays an essential role at many announcing tables, filling in all silence gaps with mindless babble and setups for the less talkative co-hosts. Now I have a feeling this role will fall to Frank Trigg, which is a terrible prospect indeed. While Ranallo is famous for taking huge moments in MMA and ruining them with terrible puns, Frank Trigg just talks and talks and talks about nothing in that stammering voice that makes me think he’s either gay, a bit mentally retarded, or that he has a speech impediment.

I don’t remember too much about Jay Glazer past the terrible work he did at K1 Dynamite USA. Unfortunately I took a vow that I would never speak of that event again, so I can’t really go too much into detail other than to say he sucked. But everything sucked at K1 Dynamite USA. Jesus could have come down from the sky and the Rapture could have occured in the fucking ring and it still wouldn’t have saved that show.