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Matyushenko got paid

I give the UFC (and the WEC) a lot of shit for underpaying their bottom rung guys, but one great thing they do is pay their fighters if their fights go tits up last second. They paid Dustin Hazelett when Karo Parisyan flaked out of his fight, and they just paid Vladimir Matyushenko after his opponent Steve Cantwell was taken off UFC 108 due to a Mysterious Career Ending(?) Issue:

PDG: So did the UFC take care of you in any way as far as compensation goes since you were able to fight and had no control over the fight being canceled?

Vladimir Matyushenko: Yes they still paid me the show portion of my fight purse but I did not receive a win bonus since the fight didn’t take place. I would have to say that the whole fight game has greatly improved over the years and the UFC paying me just because I showed up ready to fight is a great example of that. They have also increased the pre-fight screenings that they do on fighters to protect everyone involved because even though I had my medicals done for my September fight I still had to redo them for this fight. It just goes to show you that they care a lot more about the fighters nowadays and that’s great because you don’t want to end up getting somebody else’s disease. The fights are getting better, the promotion is getting better and everything else seems to have improved over last couple of years.

PDG: A lot of fans probably don’t know that you still got paid because the UFC does not publicize that kind of stuff but they have been doing it now for a couple of years.

Vladimir Matyushenko: Yes it is a great thing and I have even heard that some of the newcomers that come in to fight and lose are still given some kind of little bonus sometimes depending on their performance. It’s nice for them because this sport makes for a tough living if you’re only getting $2000 per fight and you only get to fight two to three times per year. It is definitely nice to have someone take care of you so that you can continue to train and sharpen your skills and have the chance to become a better fighter.

Vladamir will get a chance to win some of that bonus money in March – he’s been rescheduled to take on TUF 8 contestant Eliot Marshall on the prelims of the first UFC / Versus card. It will be interesting to hear how he does – I’m on the fence with Matyushenko because he can be as entertaining as watching paint dry but I liked how he looked ” target=”_blank”>against Lil Nog. Well, right up to the point where he got knocked out. If he manages to get a stoppage against Marshall, I might actually consider ponying up the 1.99 to buy the prelim fight.