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Matt Serra is not a good friend

Ah … people and their dumb senses of right and wrong. Check this out:

When his best friend lost the season’s first fight and opted to leave the “The Ultimate Fighter: Team Hughes vs. Team Serra” early, Matt Serra threatened to sever all ties with Joe Scarola.

Saying he stayed true to his word, coach Serra confirmed on Tuesday that he no longer has a relationship with Scarola, who was his first-round pick on the Spike TV reality series.

Yes, staying true to your word is ‘honorable’ … but hey, whatever happened to staying true to your friends? And Joe Scarola was more than Serra’s friend … Joe was also an assistant coach at Serra’s jiu jitsu school.

Overall, I don’t really give a fuck how much of a sloppy vagina Joe Scarola turned out to be. You’re either the kind of guy who accepts their friend’s faults or the kind of guy who turns on their friends when the going gets tough. No matter how ‘good’ Matt Serra is coming off and how ‘team-centered’ he’s trying to come across as, I’m not about to forget the fact that he’ll turn on you in a second if you fuck with his shit.

Of course, this isn’t the first bit of two-faced bastardry that Serra has been involved with. Serra’s entire disliking of Matt Hughes was based on Hughes’ treatment of GSP. But then Serra had GSP barred from training with Renzo Gracie over some out of context remarks Georges even apologized for. Overall, the guy seems easy to make an enemy out of and pretty vindictive for a ‘nice guy’.

  • steve24 says:

    Matt probably feels that Joe gave him and his school a very poor image. Can’t blame him. I’m not sure how Joe’s girlfriend saw that show and is still with him.

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    WTF? “the kind of guy who turns on their friends when the going gets tough” could easily describe Joe. Matt is a confirmed dick, but that doesn’t automatically make him wrong in this case.

  • Big D D says:

    Joe turned his back on his friend Matt. So why should Matt care to deal with Joe ever again. Also remember we never see the whole thing due to editing. Joe was wrong for leaving the show.

  • Ryan says:

    Don’t forget: Joe was also Serra’s best man.

    The best part is when Serra sits Scarola down and says, “think about how this makes me look? oh, and I mean, don’t throw away this opportunity for yourself.” Great to see where your true concern lies. Couldn’t agree more with the GSP double-standard.

    It’s kind of surreal that Serra cut all ties with his best man, best friend, asst instructor over said friend’s decision to leave some stupid reality show, that in no way affected Serra other than “making him look bad.” Whatever, people aren’t even going to remember this shit 12 months from now, but Scarola is gone for good?

  • There’s two things that Serra could learn from Matt Hughes- loyalty and forgiveness.

    BTW- It’s totally not Joe’s fault he flaked out on the show, as Serra has said himself he thought that might happen and when out of his way to get him on it anyways.

  • dignan(tapout name bending branch) says:


    The possibility that Serra vouched to Dana for Joey is HUGE just to get that dweeb on the show.

    Joey made Serra’s school look like a fucking joke, and if he hadn’t parted ways with that fucker it certainly could have threatened it’s reputation.

    The person who wasn’t a friend in this case was Joey, who talked alot of shit…looked like a whiney puss, and couldnt hack it on the show like the rest of the douche bags.

    WAAAH I wanna go home.

    Serra explained the consequences to Joey if he left, and Joey said FUCK YOU, YOUR SCHOOL, YOUR REPUTATION…I don’t give a fuck what you, or Dana, or anyone else says…I need to go home and cry myself to sleep with my whore of a girlfriend.

    Joey is a fuck, good riddance.

  • Andrej says:

    Matt Serra is the man and dosen’t need some jabroney to kill his image. No person need’s some toddler like Joe Scarola to keep him company. Joe Scarola is a looser who need’s that? He want’s winners.

  • Lifer says:

    if you watch the ‘tough lunch’ show on spike or whatever that they had with joey joe joe after he was kicked off the show he states that he and matt will always be friends. haha.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    Glad to see that other people are jumping on the “Serra is a tool” bandwagon. I’ve been on ever since I caught on that at some point he has insulted St. Pierre, Hughes, Penn, Franklin, and Sylvia. Takes a special kind of jerk to insult that many champs. Especially since Hughes is the only one with a bad personal reputation.

  • RenzoHatfield says:

    scarola was a douche, matt told him what was up and he made his decision, so that should be that.

    that being said, i saw scarola at the Grappler’s Quest tournament in New Jersey a couple of weeks ago and he was coaching… i’m not sure whether or not he was coaching Team Serra guys though.

  • ajadoniz says:

    I think Serra did good, why would you want your school associated with such a douche? I disagree with you on this one, linker.

  • marshal says:

    Maybe the coaches are able to view the episodes before airing, fuck Joey. Reality check Serra, your best man is a self destructive whiny douche. I commend you for letting go of that needy baggage or for even trying with the little fucker!

  • Does Serra have his faults like any one of us? Yes.

    Does Serra even come close the to douche-cock-ery that is Matt Hughes? No.

  • RoB says:

    Defending Scarola? has fightlinker gone soft?

  • Xavier says:

    You’ve gotta be a real asshole to “accept your friends faults” without judging them. What a poor bitch you must be. Accepting any fault your friends may have is the kind of thing people desperate for friends to begin with do.

  • marshal says:

    Friendship is 50/50. All that I saw on the show was a man babysitting.

  • marshal says:

    Pity friends aren’t healthy!

  • marshal says:

    Dana White ate my wife’s unborn fetus. That Fuck!

  • Teufel says:

    I don’t like Hughes or Serra. I hope they beat each other unconscious.

  • Thomas says:

    i agree with teufl

  • operator says:

    The guy is a quitter I would have canned him as well. I might have cooled off and maybe continued the freindship either way this article seems a little on the sensitive side. Maybe linker did lose his mojo.
    I do agree that Serra is a whiney little backstabbing bitch though just from season four when he would talk shit behind hughes back and then Franklyns. Then he was arguing with that guy and said he respected hughes while he was present. The fact that he went and got George banned from the Gracie camp just shows how much of a vindictive canniving little nugget he is. Fuck he’s always talking shit behind someones back even Hughes fighters.

  • intenso says:

    that’s why I only have friends online.

    ps: am I the only one that finds it funny that the jackals around here disagree with 90% of the shit Ryan writes?

  • Worst. Cult Members. EVER.

  • Ason says:

    Fuck that.

    Serra seems cool to me, Scarola was a complete pussy on the show.

  • frickshun says:

    I came to the replies expecting to defend my Long Island brother in arms. Instead, most of you are siding w/him. I will remind you all of one thing. Franklin’s coaching advice was for Serra to drop to a knee any time he thought his opponent was going to kick. HELLO, DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THAT? I would be calling Rich “Grossly Overhyped Paper Champ” Franklin a moron as well.

  • Accomando says:

    “…You’ve gotta be a real asshole to “accept your friends faults” without judging them. What a poor bitch you must be…”

    That’s what I was thinking.

    Also, Serra sold him out on some radio show, and said Joey’s only question to Matt before the show was…”Will I be able to wear abercrombie and fitch clothes on camera?”

    Joey is a homo, which made Matt a homo, guilt by association. Serra had to cut ties.

  • Wu Tang says:

    I train with peeps near Sierra, and let me say he is a beat on the ground! One of the best hands down! You have to understand where Sierra is coming from, he only bitches because he expects the BEST out of his students. He has expectations for them. Even if they lose, he wants them to learn from their mistakes.

    As for GSP situ, its art of war baby. Sierra and GSP are contenders, since Sierra is not a student of Renzo, rather a traveler who just trains there but does not claim his school there, Sierra has the ability to kick anyone out in the Renzo camp. He has hisstakes there and alot of authority. All i can say is that he has alot of love for his camp, if you dont belong in there, you are just a maggot.

  • kermit.01 says:

    My take on it is Serra has professional stake in what Joey did. Loyalty is all fine and dandy, but it doesn’t pay the bills. His schools reputation pays the bills. His number 1 pick, his best man, his close buddy looked like a total vagina on national television. That reflects on Serra. He took Joey at his word that he wouldn’t flake and could do the time on the show. If anything Joey was the bad friend. He was more concerned about some bitch he’d known for months than his friend of years.

    You want loyalty you have to give loyalty. I’m not gonna be loyal to someone who shits on me.

  • Mike_N says:

    Intenso: I usually only end up commenting on the posts that I disagree with, which is why I only comment on 5% of FL’s posts.

    And why I’m commenting on this one, of course: Joey knew what he was getting into, and Serra appeared to treat him with kid gloves right up until Joey said that he was leaving the house. And since reality TV always reflects what actually happened (I say with tongue planted firmly in cheek), it can’t be any different, right?

    Now I’m going to be a real tool and say that my first-hand experience with Serra couldn’t have been more positive. He came down to do a contracted appearance for one of our local MMA shows and couldn’t have been more polite, decent, and friendly. He took as many photos with people as they wanted, and no one who wanted an autograph got turned away. He seems to be living the Walter Mitty fantasy as champ, and good for him.

    Is he vindictive? Yeah, probably. But he’s a proud guy who slept in the basement of Renzo Gracie’s academy and worked as a freaking night watchman before he got his shot, so he might be entitled to that chip on his shoulder. He never got that gift-wrapped chance to join the UFC, and he was probably a little peeved that his star pupil was willing to walk out on it.

  • nem0 says:

    I second what Kermit.01 said. It’s kind of douchey to cut off a friend, but he was more than just a friend — he was a business partner, and his existence on the show hinged on Serra’s good will. It wasn’t that he fucked up the fight, but that he acted like a dipshit afterward and pulled the stupid stunt everyone who’s watched the last 5 stupid seasons of TUF knows will piss Dana off and get your ass blacklisted. Well, the other stupid stunt, after not making weight. I’m betting Dana went to Serra at some point and put Serra’s balls over a fire for vouching for Joey in the first place.

    Serra probably should have known better than to bring in someone he KNEW was so painfully unsuited for reality TV. Bad moves on everyone’s part.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    who’d go to serra’s school if that pansy is teaching?

  • kermit.01 says:

    “who’d go to serra’s school if that pansy is teachin”

    Exactly!! How serious are you gonna take the guy when he’s trying to get you to focus when he couldn’t put some bitch out of his head for 6 weeks.

    Joey was dead weight and should have been cut from Serras school. I’m not saying I wouldn’t go have a beer with the guy, but I don’t want to train with him.

  • Ryan says:

    I can see cutting professional ties with the guy, but writing him off as a friend… that’s harsh. Cutting off all personal contact, because he “made you look bad.” Give me a break, what fucking hubris.

    Like I said, is anyone going to remember this shit a year from now, especially if Scarola doesn’t teach at Serra’s schools anymore?

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Fuck that, Serra is right all the way on this.

    Serra fought for this kid to get onto the show cause he begged him too, thus giving him a chance of a lifetime, and gave him a nice job at his school. Serrra put his own name and reputation on the line for his friend. All this kid had to do was stay in the house for six weeks. But yet, after all Serra did for him, Joe couldn’t even do that because of what? Mind you, Joe even had an unfair advantage cause unlike everyone else, Joe had his CAMP AND FRIENDS around him.

    If you ask me, Serra went out of his way for Joe and ended up getting stabbed in his back for his efforts. I woulda done exactly what Serra did if I was in his situation.

  • Swedish guy says:

    Fightlinker gone soft. I knew this day would come.

  • Thomas says:

    Matt Serra is a Diiiiiiickkkkk Headdddddddddd

  • blake says:

    How can you take Scarola’s side on this? You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Let’s remember that Joe was the one who decided he HAD to leave the house. He abandoned Serra and walked out a comitment.. one that Serra specifically made a point of doublechecking before he ever let Joe on the show. Serra wasn’t not accepting his friend’s flaws… he just had to draw a line in the sand; he had obviously already accepted the dude’s flaws and still remained his friend prior to the show. Serra was more than justified in threatening Scarola, as was White. Joe made a commitment to them both and put it in writing before he went on the show. How can all of you act like Serra should still jump to his defense??!!! Serra should’ve kicked his ass instead of wasting his breath begging Scarola not to embarrass him and the UFC on national TV.

  • blake says:

    …OK I take it back; maybe he shouldn’t of kicked his ass, but everyone gets my point. I agree completely with Mobb Deep.

  • kali says:

    this bitch is scared..she knows once she loses to any top 10, she’ll be forgotten. yea..serra is a she.

    from:Jersey Tomato(blog)
    I wonder if that little bitch Joe Scarola will show up with his girlfriend. That is, if she hasn’t already dumped him.

    hahaha true!

  • Otto Weiler says:

    Bullshit article. Joe the pussy scarola didn’t even have to fight again. He had to hang out and help Matt who helped provide immense opportunities and help his teammates. That’s all. And he sacrifices a job at home a possible future in the UFC which only helps his family in the long run; so that he can be with them 6 weeks sooner…

    Disgraceful and pathetic. Making comments like “I just wanna lay back and relax with my girl. Unwind and just chill.” Meanwhile Matt has gone out on a limb
    (Against a fight psychologists evaluation which concluded Joe shouldn’t be on the show) for joe after joe begged Matt over and over again since season 2 to be on the show.

    Lazy and shitty. Leaving Matt and his teammate. Guy had to hang out, help his team, not worry about fighting or cutting weight, for six weeks. Only that for the possibility of opportunities in the UFC and to keep your job and your friendship back home. God he disgusts me. And whoever wrote this article apparently did not pay very close attention to the episode.

    Ps. Thank god joe is gone. If I had to hear him whine about talking to his girl one more time I would of had to shut the season off. Grown man whining who is in a position 1000s of others would of killed to be in. Throwing away his life because he couldn’t make 6 weeks. Mentally weak.