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Matt Serra is a fuuuuuuucking poooooossy

By now you all realize that the Gods of Awesomeness have struck down Matt Serra so that GSP can challenge Matt Hughes on New Years eve. Serra described the injury for the boys at MMAWeekly:

“My students had to help me up and I got through the shower pretty painfully. My brother had to get my socks and shoes on and then they took me home. Then, the next day, I went to the hospital, got an MRI. I’ve got two herniated discs in my lower back.”

Matt Hughes has been very classy about the switch-up, turning the conference call regarding the new matchup into the “Why Matt Serra is a wuss” show, complete with this stab on his homepage:

Before my Royce fight, I had three bulged discs that I was able to repair enough to fight. As everybody knows you never go into a fight 100%. So, I’m just going to continue to train until I find out what’s next.

Of course, If I was Hughes, I’d be pissed too: he just went from *giving* a guaranteed ass-whippin to *getting* a guaranteed ass-whuppin. Although props to Matt for agreeing to this. Or maybe I should be saying props to Jesus Christ for tricking Matt into thinking he’s going to win so he would agree to this. Yeah … that sounds more accurate.

  • intenso says:

    fuck you, guy. Serra owned captain canada!

  • dignan says:

    The words herniated and bulged get throw around all the time in regards to back injuries. MANY people who think they have either, have neither.

    If what Matt Hughes is saying is true, a bulged/bulging disc can be painful, yet manageable in the short term with chiropractic care, acupuncture…and of course rest.

    If what Serra is saying is true, about herniated discs…where the nucleus pulposus has literally extruded from 2 discs, we are talking about COMPLETELY different injuries, creating extreme variances in pain.

    It all depends on what tests were done, and who you are to believe…but if we take them on their word, they are comparing apples and oranges…and with 2 herniations he would be unable to fight. Without surgery it can take up to a year for the pulposus to be absorbed by the body.

    Anyways…I’d still rather see GSP vs. Hughes.

  • Thomas says:

    Definitly a Canadian Conspiracy. Give GSP a shot against someone he can
    beat so that he can defend his fake Zuffa belt in Montreal.
    Or Matt Hughes is suck a DIIIICKKK HEAAAAD that the MMA Gods hate him and struck down Matt Serra to teach him a lesson. GSP might retire Hughes

  • dulljake says:

    acupuncture? are you for real dignan? might as well treat yourself with a reiki massage.

  • MJC_123 says:

    Thomas, you are soooo right man never realised the BLATANT conspiracy now DANA’s face will be grinning two-fold if Chuck beats Wanderlei (which he won’t) and GSP beats Hughes (Which he will).

    Who will he face in Canada?…….EVAN TANNER!!!!!….Who I heard did 3 or 4 laps of the pool at his local gym today so hes only a few weeks away from the octagon now..

  • CFan says:

    Now Serra doesn’t have to fight both Hughes and Rush – he’s either genius or cowardly.

  • kermit.01 says:

    acupuncture aside what he said is true about the injuries being night and day different. Like the difference between stubbing your toe and having your testicle slammed in a door different.

  • Footer says:

    Serra just wants to hold on to the belts as long as he possibly can becuase he knows no matter who he fights, if they are in the top 10, he will lose. And once he loses, nobody will be talking about him anymore.

  • Thomas says:

    Serra will retire with the belt so he can talk shit about Hughes till the day he dies

  • frickshun says:

    Am I the only one that is really disappointed that Serra isn’t fighting. I know his GSP fight was a fluke but he still came out very aggressive & has BJJ that is probably superior. Regardless of the outcome, I wanted to see if he could take a dominant wrestler like Hughes & put him in some precarious sub attempts. Also, GSP didn’t exactly look spectacular against Kos. He lost the swagger he had coming into the last Hughes fight. Fingers crossed that he tattoos Hughes’ forehead w/his shinbone again.

  • I’m kinda sad too … i thought it was a 50/50 fight … but with Hughes/GSP, i know pretty much that GSP will win so it’s less exciting.

  • frickshun says:


    You are an imbecile. I don’t think most fighters turn pro so “everyone will be talking about them”. They’re competitors who also want to make a good living. Serra’s gym is doing very well. He came off great as a cornerman for his teammates & of course won the comeback show. Then he looked great coaching & winning 6 of 8 against an arrogant Hughes. As far as fighting anyone in top 10 at THIS WEIGHT, it’s completely unknown & besides that, he’s never gotten blown out in a fight. He always makes it tough for whoever he fights.

  • Da Twin says:

    Thanks dignan for explain to them the difference, how can u say he’s a “fuuuuuuucking poooooossy”. have u ever hade a back injury (writer)? B/c Hughes “said” he fought with 3 buldged dics that makes Serra a pussy for not fighting with 2 herniated dics???

  • kermit.01 says:

    Differences as I see them–

    Serra / Hughes – if this fight would have happened it would have done one of two things. 1, Cemented Serra as a true champ and not a fluke, or 2, shown he was very lucky. Everyone can have their opinion, but until the fight happens you’ll never know for sure.

    GSP / Hughes – A fight we’ve seen and a fight Matt lost. He lost, in my humble opinion, because he tried to strike and simply got out worked. However things could change this time if Hughes resorts to whats worked in the past and made him champ to begin with. Muscle someone to the mat and elbow them in the head. It really is the perfect formula for Matt and he could win with it. However GSP did out wrestle KOS. So theres that element. Maybe GSP will show his wrestling it better than Matts— but then strength KOS is no Hughes. So perhaps strength could be the deciding factor.

    Either way I think its retarded to count any of these men out, I’m excited to see either of the match ups because as much as I may want to pull for one side or another anything is possible.

  • Frankly, I am not happy with this matchup. I wanted to see GSP and Serra. Serra is not given the credit he deserved for dropping GSP. Matt Hughes has no stand up game and his ground and pound would have been nullified by Serra’s constant sub attempts; similar to how the Big Nog cancels out wrestlers’ ground game.

    I think all of them will fight each other eventually. Once again, with the top fighters its all highly incestual….

  • godzillad says:

    50/50 my ass, Serra wouldn’t have had a chance to hit Hughes in the back of the head before getting his face flattened into a pwncake.

  • Footer says:


    Your the one that sounds like an imbecile since you misunderstood such a simple point that was being made. I didnt say that fighters or Serra in particular turned pro so everyone will be talking about them. I just said that once he losses, nobody will be talking about him anymore, becuase nobody was talking about him before he won it. The point I am making is that no matter who he fights he wont successfully defend the title. Can you honestly say he is better than any of the top WW’s? I agree with Hughes, whether he has the belt or not, he’s definitely not in the top ten. He might be a great coach he might not be – I am talking about him as a fighter.

  • Accomando says:

    “…GSP didn’t exactly look spectacular against Kos. He lost the swagger he had coming into the last Hughes fight….”

    I agree.

  • Thomas says:

    GSP is the most awsemous fighter in the universe.

  • frickshun says:

    Accomando, I think the same of Hughes too. After he dominated most opponents, his ego was crushed against Penn & GSP. Then against Lytle, his lay-N-pray was an embarrassment. **He didn’t even try to finish**. He is a hall of famer but he looks like he lost the spark (or the sport caught up w/him).

    Footer, no point in arguing. I didn’t like your tone in the 1st post. Maybe I misinterpreted but after rereading, I still don’t like it. And when Serra loses a fight, I will still want to see his next. After all, he does get the UFC PPV hits whether you like it or not.

  • Nachtfalter says:

    I don’t know if Serra’s a complete wuss for not taking the fight because frankly, I am not a doctor and I have never had a serious back injury of any kind. But one thing in know Serra is NOT – and that’s as legitimate Top10 Welterweight, let alone a deserving champion. Barring miracles like Hughes mysteriously dropping dead two seconds into the fight, I am positive that he would have seriously fucked Serra. I believe GSP/Hughes is a much more balanced match-up. Obviously St. Pierre has to be considered the favorite, but you’d have to be insane to count out Hughes in ANY fight. I’m really psyched to see GSP/Hughes 3 in December. After all, Serra’s gonna get his arrogant ass handed to him sooner or later, anyway, and I don’t really care if it’s Hughes or St. Pierre who does it.

  • Xavier says:

    A bulging disc is not a herniated disc. Hughes is a moron.

  • kali says:

    serra is a bitch..serra is a bitch..serra is a bitch.


  • kali says:

    this bitch is scared..she knows once she loses to any top 10, she’ll be forgotten. yea..serra is a she.

    from:Jersey Tomato(blog)
    I wonder if that little bitch Joe Scarola will show up with his girlfriend. That is, if she hasn’t already dumped him.

    hahaha true!