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Matt Serra has done everything

(above: Matt Serra takes out Takanori Gomi at ADCC2001, pretty easily, too)

The more time goes by, the more I realize Matt Serra could be the greatest sleeper fighter ever. And this isn’t going by his UFC record … in fact, his UFC record is pretty shit as far as I’m concerned. Out of his last seven UFC fights, 6 of them went to decisions. But looking past that, the dude has done some impressive things grappling wise … if his fight with GSP wasn’t a fluke and he really has finally figured out the firepower in his hands, then perhaps we could see Serra make it past Matt Hughes. Stylistically I don’t see it being that far fetched.

  • Jonathan says:

    My boy Gomi got choked out! He did a pretty good job of defending the RNC for several minutes. That was a sweet float-over to back that Serra did.

    I still think Serra is not that good of a jiu jtsu guy in MMA…but I like the fact that he serves humble pie.

  • penxv says:

    I think that Serra could make 155. I think that is why so many people slept on him… cause 170 is deep with big 170lbers. Hughes and St. Pierre are very large at that weight and Serra just isn’t.

  • intenso says:

    I can’t wait till Serra beats country breakfast’s ass.

  • Eric Mortonsen says:

    well submission wrestling isnt mma and vice versa… Gomi is an extremely well rounded fighter.. if striking had been involved it might be different.. not taking anything away from Serra.. I love that dude even tho he fucked up GSP..

    That aside, Hughes is in for the fight of his life.. Serra has all the tools to retire Mr Country Breakfast…