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Matt Serra feeling better / fatter

Every time I get sick and tired of working on this blog, I just remember those bastards over at Cage Potato watching … waiting. Ready to pounce and take my throne at a moment’s notice. That’s when I drag myself away from whatever totally sweet marathon is showing on TNT and get back to fucking work on this soul sucking thing.

But today it looks like I dallied a bit too long, for Cage Potato got the scoop on Matt Serra’s current condition. Well, can you really call it a scoop when they actually got the news from Dave Meltzer’s newsletter? Or is it more of a scoop of a scoop, because they’re the first ones in the blogosphere to break it? Does anyone really care? God, the politics of the MMA news scene are so gay. I’m glad everyone hates me and just leaves me alone.

Anyways, back to that news: Apparently Matt Serra’s condition has improved significantly, from ‘searing unbearable pain’ to ‘I still can’t walk but at least I don’t want to die anymore’. This is good news that would point to Serra being back in action sooner rather than later, although it was also mentioned that Serra went native and is now a fat jabroni sitting somewhere around 200 pounds.