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Matt Polly wins!

Our friend and regular correspondant Matthew Polly just won his first (and possibly only) MMA fight last night at Tuff-N-Uff. We had been keeping quiet on this so as not to stress him out any more than he already might have been, since the fight was a big part of his new book on MMA. But Polly didn’t just kick butt, he made the dude quit on the stool between the second and third round!

“I was really nervous. I actually went and hid in one of the bathroom stalls to try and calm down,” Polly said of his routine before the fight. “My first thought when I got out there is, I got Joey Varner (Xtreme Couture trainer), Robert Drysdale (world-class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert) and Randy Couture walking in with me, I was like, I can’t shame them. I can’t go out there and get knocked out in five seconds with them in my corner.

“Then it was weird. There was a calm right as the music started. I can do this. I can do this.”

Well, maybe if Polly could find his corner and take his eye off the big screen.

“It was so smoky in there I got lost going to my corner. That was my first panic,” he said. “Then I honest to God got caught myself looking at myself on the big screen and said, ‘Can they see the backfat?’”

But after sizing up his opponent prior to the fight and taking a couple of shots early in the first round, the 6-foot-3 Polly settled down, recited the lessons and game plan his coaches had taught him and countered Cexton’s strikes.

“After awhile, I noticed I was hitting him two to one with strikes and felt like I could kinda see the discouragement on his face — like he didn’t want to be here,” said Polly, who said the working title for his book that will likely be published in a year is “Full Contact Writer.”

Either Polly’s assessment was correct or Cexton, who left the arena immediately afterward for medical attention, physically could not continue after the second round.

Polly gave a subdued “Rocky”-style celebration, pumping his arms in the air as Randy Couture slapped him on the back in his corner.

The whole article is a great read and very inspiring despite the number of times they use the words ‘pudgy’ and ‘awkward’. Now Polly has amazing stories about training with the Shaolin monks in China AND winning a fight with Randy Couture in his corner. I’m gonna have to do something impressive before we meet next because the only noteworthy thing I’ve managed to do recently is fall all the way down an ‘up’ escalator.

(You can read Matt’s Fightlinker posts here or check out his book on living with the Shaolin monks in China here. Oh, and he also writes for some dopey site called Slate too.)