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Matt Polly gets interviewed

Pachinko Magazine has an excellent interview with Matt Polly, author of the newly released in paperback Tapped Out and our guest blogger of the month. Check it out!

P!    Scenario: you’re walking down the street, you’re  in a bar, you’re shopping for groceries, and you see someone wearing a Tapout T-shirt. What are you thinking?

MP  At least he’s not wearing an Affliction T-shirt.

P!    Are you the butt of your own jokes as much in your life outside writing too?

MP I honed a lot of my self-deprecating sense of humor when I lived in England for three years. They are masters at it. I feel like you have to be willing to make fun yourself to earn the right to make fun of other people. Otherwise, you’re just a dick.

P!   How did you balance working on the book and training? Were you taking notes in between wind sprints and sparring sessions?

MP  On occasion, I did interrupt a lesson to pull out my notebook and write down something the instructor had just said. Sometimes I did this so as not to forget, and sometimes I did it as a ploy to get a few extra moments to rest.

P!   Was it hard to convince any of your subjects or anyone else you were training with that you were serious about this?

MP  Most of them initially thought I was a dilettante: that I’d train for a couple of weeks and be gone from their lives. It wasn’t until after several months that they realized they were stuck with me.

As a side note, the totally amazing podcast Subo and I recorded after UFC 153 had an audience of two because I didn’t record the fucking thing properly. So if you haven’t already checked it out, go back and take a listen to last week’s Low Blow starring Matt, Jake, and I instead.