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Matt Mitrione is at it again

We already know from watching TUF that Matt ‘Meathead’ Mitrione is a total rat fink. And now he may be proving it again:

Beltran fought Mitrione at UFC 119 in September in Mitrione’s Indianapolis back yard, losing a decision. A few weeks after the fight, Mitrione spent a day working with Beltran and the team at Alliance MMA outside San Diego. And the next thing Beltran knew, he was signing up for a fight against Pat Barry – the same Pat Barry who is a regular training partner of Mitrione.

“We had some candid conversation, where I thought we were talking amongst boys,” Beltran said. “He came out, and it was all good – we opened our doors to him at Alliance MMA. He came through, worked out and we had a conversation, talking about the fight and how it went down, and he said some disrespectful stuff afterward. And we’ll address that when the time comes. Let’s just say that I’ve got a special place in my heart for Matt Mitrione, and it will always be there. (But) it doesn’t matter. I’ll be able to focus on Pat Barry.”

There’s a certain mindset in some corners of MMA training that loyalty is the most important thing and you have to watch who you train with. I’ve always found that attitude kinda stupid, but when you hear about situations like this it’s hard to fault the people who get all Brazilian about it. But the possibility of a guy going into another person’s gym and then taking information back to share with future opponents is enough to make any camp a bit paranoid.

  • Predator8u says:

    Whenever this type of thing happens it just seems like grade school shit with professial fighters. This whole sharing/exposing of weakness “BS” is dumb and widespread in MMA. Yes it could have an impact if you did not train properly around your “holes” but that’s your fault. Weakness’s are constantly being improved on (hopefully) so it should not be a deciding factor . It feels like people do this so they can have an excuse/reason/lie if they LOSE.