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Matt Lindland’s political record: 1-1

Okay, I promise this is the last political post – unfortunately just like most politicians I’m a lair and I don’t keep my promises. But I’ll do my best over the next little while not to turn this place into the DailyKOS of MMA blogs. But I figure we’ve been following Matt Lindland’s political aspirations quite closely from the start, so of course you guys would like to know how his run for Oregon House Disctrict 52 seat turned out.

He got creamed by 17 percent.

Many are wondering if evil Suzanne VanOrman’s cage fighting smear against Matt led to his defeat (or perhaps even Matt’s responses, real and imagined by us), but the truth of the matter is that Matt was running in a solid blue district from the start against someone with WAY more experience, so he had a Kimbo’s chance in the UFC of winning.

To put things into perspective, during the party nominations Republican candidates got 2400 votes, while Suzanne VanOrman alone pulled in 5400 votes. As soon as I saw that I thought I figured the writing was on the wall. But who cares … it was pretty entertaining, wasn’t it?