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Matt Lindland talks about getting dumped by the UFC

I try to stay off the Bodog sites, since I know they’re just using MMA to try and suck me into gambling with them. And the last time I did that a big guy named Vargos showed up at my house to collect. That’s the last time I bet on Frank Mir! Anyways, they have a pretty decent interview with Matt Lindland, who they’ve swindled into signing some kind of long term deal. Perhaps he bet on Frank Mir too? In the interview they go over all the standard bullshit hype for his upcoming Bodogfight against some guy, but there’s also an interesting bit about getting booted from the UFC:

BN: Matt Lindland vs. Rich Franklin. What do you think?

ML: I would beat Rich Franklin pretty bad. My style matches up very poorly for Rich. He wouldn’t know what to do with the kind of fighter I am.

BN: Do you think that’s why the UFC released you from your contract?

ML: Why do I think they released me? I think they were trying to push Rich Franklin. I think that was pretty apparent. I asked for a Ken Shamrock or a Royce Gracie fight, and he was built up. It’s an old pro-wrestling move. It’s called getting him over. That’s what the UFC did with Rich. They got him over by giving him Ken Shamrock and feeding him some other cans and all of a sudden he’s the champ.

BN: Are you pissed off about that?
ML: Why would you want fight to stay in an organization that wants to release you? What you want to do is go and fight for somebody like Bodog Fight who wants you and appreciates you and gives you great opportunities to fight the best guys in the world, and that’s what I did. I’m making more money now, I’m happier, I have an organization that appreciates me and puts me on main cards and makes me a main event.

I wonder how many times we’re going to hear that last sentiment from other fighters down the road. I love the UFC and all, but they don’t always seem like the most pleasant people to work for.

  • Teufel says:

    Lindland had his title shot and lost to Bustamante who left for Pride in ’02. When Bustamante left the title was stripped and the UFC didn’t have another titlefight at middleweight until 2005. Just prior to that the UFC had a #1 contender bout: Robbie Lawler vs Evan Tanner with the winner to fight Lindland, but in Lindland’s tune-up fight he got knocked out by David Terrell and Terrell got his titleshot instead (and rightfully so). He won a few fights after that, but other fighters had moved up into contention by stringing together multiple victories (Franklin won 3 straight in the UFC and 5 fights overall before he got his shot, Tanner won 3 straight, Quarry won 3 straight, Loiseau won 3 straight). The only time in his UFC career that he won 3 or more consecutive fights he got a title shot and lost. Lindland, being the poor sport that he is, pretty much whined and complained himself out of a job.

    I think Lindland is a great competitor and an amazing fighter, but he’s one of the biggest whiners in MMA. He whined after he lost to Rampage, he whined after he lost to Fedor “Oh, he grabbed the ropes”… and how many times did Lindland grab the cage or ropes to avoid being taken down in his career? Please… He even whined when he lost a fight because he knocked himself out going for a slam.

  • Mike O says:
    lindland bites another wrestlers ear.
    lindland has also admitted in interviews to not showering for weeks before a match to have the stink edge.
    fuck that guy

  • Fred says:

    I agree with Teufel (Devil, LOL!). Lindland wasn’t exactly flawless in the UFC. He lost a couple of big fights. Yes, they could have pushed him a little more; but his losses, (coupled with his hard-ass attitude and sponsorship violations), made him an easy guy for them to dump.

    Fighting for Bodog is a colossal joke. Calvin Ayre is a billionaire with money to burn. He has a handful of great fighters and tons of C-level wannabes. Lindland will never get top MW fights there. The fiasco with Fedor only dinged up his record a little more. Calvin can’t even step foot in the U.S. No one takes Bodog seriously.

    I’m glad there are alternatives to the UFC; but that’s what they are: alternatives. These other orgs. aren’t the real deal–they are side-shows where you’ll see a smattering of talent mixed in with lesser fighters. Most of the smaller shows will fold within a year or two. Lindland lost his #1 MW ranking by being a Bodog dork, and his rep. will further plummet with every month he stays there.

  • Ryan says:

    Yeah, he was only on a two fight winning streak… but they were definitely more impressive wins than Franklin’s first title defense: Nate Quarry. Quarry beat Sincaid, Sell, and Shonie Carter… whoopdee. I wouldn’t call Quarry a “can,” but Lindland would have been a much more competitive fight for Franklin.

    I mean, does anyone deny the UFC’s “champion-marketing” approach to business?

    And yeah, Bodog is pretty much a huge joke. Ayre needs to shit or get off the pot. Scoop up all the old PRIDE talent (and I mean all, everything you can get) or fold shop. This half-assed approach is just a big joke. Also, for the love of god, sever all connections between “Bodogfight” and Bodogmusic, Bodogmovies, Bodogsoftcoreporn, and all the other lame shit.