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Matt Lindland vs the UFC

Just in case you were worried that Dana White was running out of people to hate, Matt Lindland has decided he’s gonna start kicking up some dirt and he’s dragging a whole slew of people into the mess with him. A new documentary is on it’s way out called Fighting Politics, and it’s not about the politics of Matt during the Olympics or the politics of Matt during his political run. It’s about how the UFC ditched him back in the day and how Dana White is an asshole.

The trailer is pretty interesting and is full of all sorts of MMA journalists Dana doesn’t like, such as Loretta Hunt, Josh Gross, and Jeff Sherwood. Kevin Iole also makes an appearance, but he’s shown claiming he doesn’t know why Lindland was kicked out of the UFC. Mmm-hmmm. I gotta say, it’s pretty amusing to see the feuds between Dana and the press resulting in a feature film presentation.

Here’s the press release they’ve put out to go along with it:

Despite 39 profanity and threat filled text messages from the Cell Phone of Dana White, President of the UFC, FIGHTING POLITICS is here to tell the real story of Cage Fighter Matt Lindland. FIGHTING POLITICS has been submitted to the 25 largest Film Festivals for screenings, more dates to be released soon.

Cage Fighter Matt “The Law” Lindland had to earn his nickname the hard way, through perseverance and a good lawyer. Back in 2000 Matt was in one of the biggest political sports messes ever, resulting in his case on the steps of the supreme court. His success in the Sport of Mixed Martial Arts came to an abrupt halt as politics came knocking on his door again. This is his story.