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Matt Lindland gets a taste of real politics

Ah politics … dirty dirty politics. I stayed up till 2am last night waiting to find out what the results of last night’s primaries would be, hoping that all the mud slinging and dirty tactics wouldn’t kill my sexy Obama’s chances of becoming the first non-asshole president in forever. And while Clinton still refuses to fuck off, at least now it seems like those dirty tactics didn’t work and Obama is going to win.

Still up in the air is how Matt Lindland will do in the face of some dirty politics in his campaign to become the local Republican nominee for the house of representatives:

Lindland said he’d heard that Thiemann’s campaign consultant, Elaine Franklin (who many know as former U.S. Senator Bob Packwood’s wife), told several Republican leaders that Lindland was a convicted felon.

Oregon Right to Life Director Gayle Atteberry, told NewsChannel 8 that Franklin called her last month. She said Franklin asked her if she realized that Lindland had a felony on his record. Atteberry, who said ORTL endorses Lindland, couldn’t believe what she heard.

“I was upset by what (Franklin) told me, so I checked (Lindland’s) records and learned the truth and is that he didn’t have a felony,” Atteberry said.

Turns out that Matt Lindland was just a grocery store Robin Hood, taking produce he was asked to throw out and giving it to wrestlers on his college team when he was 19. Somehow putting food in mouths instead of a dumpster is illegal, so he was given 30 hours of community service and a year’s probation. Note this is more than what most Hollywood stars get for DUI / DWL / DWI / hitting people with their cars / carrying a few rocks o’ crack. What a fucked up place we live in.

So now Lindland is prepping to sue Franklin unless she issues a statement saying she knew she was lying when she made those statements. Since I doubt very much some dry political battleaxe is going to bend over for the smelly pitfighter, this should get better before it ends.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    Politics suck.

  • #1 jackal says:

    needs to be settled in the cage. no refs or time limits.
    that way the dirty politics can get an ass pounding for hours from the great smelly one

  • Captain says:

    Silly Ryan. Wanting to believe that Obama is not a scheming asshole like every other politician. How naively cute.

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    Damn he’s ugly.

  • Denton says:

    How dare she try to badmouth an Olympic silver medalist, even in politics people need to have more respect towards these select few. (atleast towards those who competed in the “important” sports) What an audacious biatch. I wonder if Matt was suprised, that wasn’t even mud slinging it was a full blown lie.

    And first non asshole president? Oh come on, that’s nut-hugging up the ass. Better him than a Republican tho.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Don’t worry, the establishment is taking care of Hillary:

    I’d like to support Lindland because I like him as a fighter, but honestly? Pro-life in this day and age? Get with the times, Matt.

  • Johnny says:

    “Not to mention cutting edge drugs that only CHINA THROUGH THE PURCHASE OF U.S. BONDS can afford pay to R&D right now.”

    Corrected for accuracy.

  • kentyman says:

    I love that picture of Lindland. I can picture how it went:

    Photographer: Try to look like you’re not the biggest toolbag in the world.
    Lindland: What, you mean like… this?
    Photographer sighs and takes the picture.

  • Lifer says:

    i think he’s just in awe of his own palpable stench cloud.

  • el feo says:

    Maybe Republicans should stay away from US politics. And fuck off with their tired bullshit.

  • “Maybe Republicans should stay away from US politics. And fuck off with their tired bullshit.”

    With great factual arguments like this, it’s a wonder that we “republicans” can still exist. =\

  • el feo says:

    Here’s a fact for you: IRAQ = 3 TRILLION dollars.

    Here’s another: $1 = 50 cents euro.

    Here’s ANOTHER! = gas $4

    When thinking about all this, 4000 soldiers dead, over 20,000 wounded, and where will the money come to take care of them?

    But do they address this, or any other problems? No, all we get is more tired bullshit. =/ indeed.

  • Accomando says:

    “…Here’s ANOTHER! = gas $4…”

    Do you know why el feo? Democrats are diametrically opposed to energy independence.

    Over the past 30 years:

    Which party blocked the development of new sources of petroleum?– Democrat
    Which party blocked drilling in ANWR?– Democrat
    Which party blocked drilling off the coast of Florida?– Democrat (which the chinese are now doing off the coast of Cuba, not 90 miles from Florida!)
    Which party blocked drilling off of the east coast?– Democrat
    Which party blocked drilling off of the west coast?– Democrat
    Which party blocked drilling off the Alaskan coast?– Democrat
    Which party blocked building oil refineries?– Democrat
    Which party blocked clean nuclear energy production?– Democrat
    Which party blocked clean coal production?– Democrat

    Now, I am not going to argue that the bush isn’t a complete moronic dipshit, but the ridiculous gas prices are solely at the feet of democrats.

  • Accomando says:

    “…Here’s another: $1 = 50 cents euro…”

    Wrong. Not that its much better….

    $1 = .65 cents Euro

    And yes, this is laid squarely at the feet of that moron Bush.

  • el feo says:

    Here’s a story for you, Accomando. I have family in Holland. In 2000, before that motherfucker Bush came in, I went to the mother country and with my dollar, I was able to get 4 dutch guilders per (this was before the euro, which came in in 2002) I was drinking delicious beers in Amsterdam for less than a dollar per.
    In 2004, I went back. It wasn’t as bad as it is now, but still, everything was much more expensive. And this is why I didn’t go back last Xmas like I wanted to, because I knew I was going to get raped with my worthless American money.
    8 years of Bush = us being laughingstocks. Around the entire world.
    Now I’m not as environmentally obsessed as some I know, but it is important. And we could do some more drilling. I got into this with someone a while back, who despite his right wing leanings, we got along pretty well.
    But, my first point, was a 3 trillion dollar war in Iraq, and terrible foreign relations across the whole region, has and will continue to fuck us.
    Democrats are politicians, which means they suck. But at least they aren’t dirty fucking Republicans. And don’t get me started on the religious pieces of shit that dominate them.

  • Accomando says:

    “…But, my first point, was a 3 trillion dollar war in Iraq, and terrible foreign relations across the whole region,…”

    I agree with the 3 trillion dollar waste, and you don’t even want to know how the american “contractors” (largely subsidies of Halliburton), are raping us.

    For instance, these “contractors” charge $75 per load of laundry they do for the army/marines in Iraq, $75 fucking dollars per load! (repeated for effect)

    Not to mention, they lie about the number of loads they do (always doing less than they claim) and the fucking driers don’t even work, so our soldiers get fatigues back that are still damp!

    As far as our foreign relations in the region, it has never been good, and will never be good.

    Its all because of 1 country, but I can’t denounce the only democracy in the region, never have, and never will.

  • kentyman says:

    This post is about MMA, not politics!

    Wait… Oh, it is about politics? Carry on…

  • People need to start getting put to death for war profiteering