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Matt Lindland doesn’t get it

Matt Lindland has long been known as the fighter martyred by the UFC for being boring as fuck. Lately he’s known more for moving up in weight class and dropping bouts to Quinton Jackson and Fedor. Not the smartest move match-up wise, but hey … a man’s gotta get paid and when the money’s in another weight class…

Every single time anyone writes a hamfisted article on how the UFC can fix it’s middleweight division, Lindland’s name always comes up. Which is stupid, because you might as well wish for Peter Pan or the reanimated corpse of Eddie Guerrero to come into the UFC. It ain’t gonna fucking happen. So why bother talking about it???

Why isn’t it going to happen? Because Matt Lindland won’t sign an exclusive contract, and he won’t stop working with competing organizations. He made this policy very clear during a recent radio interview with MMAWeekly, and he doesn’t seem interested in changing his mind dispite his recent issues getting fights.

The UFC has a lot of bonehead policies in place, but forcing exclusivity is not one of them. I have no idea what’s up with guys like Matt Lindland who think it’s a sane request to have an open contract. What makes me shake my head even more is that Matt’s not even getting more fights because of his free agent status. The way things look, he’s gonna end 2007 with 2 fights, both of which happened at the beginning of the year. He’s also having to take matches against bigger guys which are to his obvious disadvantage, hurting his reputation. As a result, he’s been sliding down the rankings lists of many fanboys.

Anyways, I always find it interesting when fighters rage against the machine. The Shamrock brothers, Josh Barnett, Matt Lindland, and now Randy Couture are always entertaining to listen to, and it is very clear that SOMEONE has to speak out against the evil empire that is the UFC. Their pay is shit, their ‘when we feel like it’ locker room bonuses are shady, and their contract terms are often overly restrictive.

But Lindland keeps on going after the wrong aspects of business. No one cares that Dana White is trying to crush the IFL … that’s standard business practices and to be expected. And no one cares that a UFC contract won’t let you fight in Bodog. That’s a common sense clause as well. I’m all for Lindland saying that’s why he won’t sign and then shutting the fuck up. But I’m sick of everyone putting the onus on the UFC to do something and sign Lindland. It’s Lindland’s decision not to be in the UFC, and that’s all there is to it.

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    I haven’t made it through all my Pride dvds yet, so maybe he has some mad fight-finishing skills I’m not aware of, but the only time I remember being excited by Lindland is when he was knocking his own ass out with a slam. He would be a pox on the middleweight division. Hendo is the savior.

  • Atom says:

    FL- what do YOU think should happen with the UFC MW div?

  • Atom says:

    #1 – Don’t look too hard for Lindland in your PRIDE dvd collection.

    (the picture of him they chose for fightfinder is pretty funny)

  • They should pay hendo the cheddar to drop. This will keep Silva busy for 6-7 months (3 months till fight with hendo, 3-4 months till next title defence). With this time, they should blitz the middleweight division, pushing all the guys to fight twice and establish some kind of pecking order.

    Keep Okami in their pocket in case none of their other middleweights come through. I would also bring Frank Trigg back into the UFC, and I would never have put Miller in the WEC or let him leave.

    Lastly, I would look through my welterweights and offer one of them some extra coin to move up to middleweight. That division is so stacked, it wouldn’t really matter if a Karo or a Burkman left.

  • Xavier says:

    Karo vs. Silva would be too much awesome in the octagon, it would explode.

    Lindland has a fear of commitment, apparently. I guess it’s more fun to work out in his poorly ventilated gym that I see him in every other week than to actually make-ah the cheddah. Nothing like driving by and seeing that place all fogged up like a cheap whorehouse.

  • Tommy says:

    This guy is easily the most boring fighter of all time. He wants to fight Silva now? Why, so we can watch him dry hump Anderson and bore the fans to death? When’s the last time you seen Silva in a boring fight, when’s the last time you seen Matt in an exciting one? Fedor was semi-exciting because it was Fedor. I’m glad he want’s those dumb stips in his contract. Hopefully it will keep me from having to watch him grind out another bore fest. All he does is whine why nobody wants to fight him. Yes he is a tough fighter, but he’s tough to fight and watch.

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    Karo-Silva is interesting. What does Karo have going for him at welterweight? That would be a freaky matchup.

  • Tommy says:

    I don’t see Karo lasting out the first personally. Not that’s he’s not talented just a little overmatched there. Plus they won’t give him a title shot a welter I don’t see them giving it to him a middle. Now Hughes has already said he thought about moving up before but had friends in the class so really didn’t want to. That excuse is gone. After Pierre beats him again (hopefully Serra as well) I see him making a last stand as middle saying the cut was too hard for him and was sapping his strength.

  • Tommy says:

    Guess I should have proofed that first.

  • ajadoniz says:

    If only football players could leave their franchise to join another whenever they weren’t getting paid enough. That’s why there’s endorsements, incentives to not be boring and be known and exciting to watch. so dumb.

  • hbdale309 says:

    Somehow I get the feeling that even if Matt Lindland would agree to fight for free Dana wouldn’t sign him. Lindland is the UFC’s worst nightmare, no not an 8 yr. old with a badge, a boring fighter with no marketability that could very well beat your exciting champ and reign long term while sucking the life out of PPV buys.
    I can hear the boos now as Lindland spends another 5 rounds in the clinch pressing up against the cage or on the ground controlling position. Eew, that’s uglier than the man himself. Matt Lindland can whine all he wants, he’s not stepping foot inside the octagon again.

  • Tommy says:

    I agree 100% HB. He might beat any man in his weight class but he won’t make the fans spend dollar one.

  • Josh Man says:

    14 out of 20 wins are finished fights, I wouldn’t call that unbelievably boring.