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Matt Hughes wishes he could quit MMA

If you think it’s hard for fighters like Ken Shamrock and Jens Pulver to retire, imagine how difficult it is for guys only slightly past their primes like Randy Couture and Matt Hughes. Randy went from tweeting his retirement to one ‘last’ title run in the course of two weeks. And Matt Hughes sure sounds like he wants to retire at the beginning of this article. But by the end he crumbles and admits he probably ain’t going anywhere.

“I don’t know if I’ll sign another contract with the UFC,” the former UFC welterweight champion said Thursday in San Jose, Calif., where he’ll corner middleweight Robbie Lawler at the HP Pavilion this weekend against Strikeforce titleholder Ronaldo Souza.

After a busy 2010, which saw him win two fights and lose one — a stunning 21-second knockout against B.J. Penn in December — Hughes (45-8) is focused on “trying to make sure my kids know who their dad is. The UFC is not the top priority on my mind right now.”

“I would have to talk to my wife. I’d have to talk to Dana. I wouldn’t call it a retirement,” Hughes said. “It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for me to fight two or three times. I have said I’m going to fight one more time for the last three fights. I meant it. I really have.”

Fighting is apparently more addictive than shooting smack. Just one more hit. That’s it. Seriously. Okay, gimme another. This is the last one though. Really.