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Matt Hughes on his knee and his guns

There’s a bunch of times where I don’t really think a piece of news is worth posting on the blog, and then every other blog makes a big deal about it and I realize that I’m usually only interested in people shitting themselves and other oddities while most fans care about fighters, fights, injury updates and all that boring jazz. So here’s some of that news for your boring pipe: Matt Hughes has an update on his knee.

Went to the doctor yesterday, he performed quite a few tests on my knee. With the results of the tests on my knee and from what I have told him, he definitely thinks the MCL and the PCL is rebuilding itself. The next time I go back up there, in a month to a month and a half, I will get an MRI and that way he can get a picture of the knee and he can see better what’s going on. So right now, I’m going to work out lightly, try and build up my quadricep as much as I can. Do nothing with the hamstring really, from what he said and he says possibly being able to fight in 6-7 months.

So assuming that Matt Serra isn’t still suffering night terrors from the beatdown GSP gave him back in April, maybe we’ll get to see him again before he faces off against Matt Hughes?

I imagine the life of an injured fighter somewhat resembles the life of a retired person. Matt has kept busy with rope swing bbqs, settling lawsuits, and now he’s re-organizing his gun collection. He has quite an impressive collection (the picture above doesn’t even include the artillery-sized stuff), and if the dead ever return to life I’ll know where I’m headed for protection.