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Matt Hughes knows how to have fun

Sure, Matt Hughes can be a dick. But it also seems like he can be a lot of fun too. From his blog:

Last Sunday, my brother-in-law has his graduation party out at the farm. I was in charge of the three pork butts (roasts), and six racks of ribs. I was also in charge of water fun. So I came up with the idea of a zip line. It’s 1000 feet of 5/16 cable running across the pond. From the starting point it’s about 200-220 feet until you hit water so there is a handle to hold onto and you can also put a seat on it to sit, if you don’t think you can hold onto it the whole way. You start about 25 feet off the ground and when you jump off the zip line, you’re about 20 feet from the water (the water’s about 20-25 feet deep).

Shit, dude. More pig than a Pink Floyd concert, some fit chicks and a high velocity zip line jump sounds like THE way to spend a goddamn weekend.