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Matt Hughes is gonna be picky

Matt Hughes tries to explain why he’s ducking the guys from AKA. In short, he’s not ducking them, he’s ducking ALL the young fighters who’d probably whup his ass since GSP stole his soul and made him mortal:

“I like to take fights where I’ve got something to win. If I take a fight against Mike Swick or Josh Kosheck, I’ve really got nothing to gain from that fight…They’ve got more to win than I do. Royce Gracie was a big fight, you know? It was a huge name, a guy that had won the old tournaments in the beginning.

“Those are the fights I like, the ones I can really get revved up for and get motivated. Those are the kinds of fights that gets me into the gym ready to train and work.”

Okay, I can dig that. Well, I could until I read the next few paragraphs on who was considered a big fight:

Hughes did not say when his next fight would be or who it would be against, although he said discussions are in progress with the UFC. One potential name is Dennis Hallman, who the organisation recently signed. Hallman holds two wins over Hughes from early in his career.

“I’m not saying that’s one of the names discussed, but I’m not saying it isn’t. That’s a possibility,” he said, adding that some people were also talking about matching him with Frank Trigg “but I don’t think anyone within the UFC is interested in seeing that again”.

So it sounds like ‘big’ isn’t the key word, it’s ‘easy’.