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Matt Hughes gives GSP the edge in superfight against Anderson Silva

The great thing about Matt Hughes is that he’s not a diplomat. He isn’t concerned about being nice, or offending anyone. He speaks his mind, even though in the past it’s led him to say some pretty fucked up shit. Like before his first fight with GSP when he said, “I don’t wanna lose to a French guy.” Or when he allegedly met Joe Riggs’ wife and said,” Sorry I had to beat the shit out of your husband.” He’s become a little less abrasive with age, but he still gives you his opinion without dancing around the pleasantries.

In an interview with, Hughes offered his take on what would happen in a superfight between GSP and Anderson Silva, if this latest stunt to bring Silva into the cage for a stare down at UFC 154 isn’t just another cock tease and the fight actually happens, or if Carlos Condit manages to win and fucks the whole thing up:

“I really believe if GSP and Silva fight Georges will have his hand raised. I have a lot of respect for Georges having lost to him twice. GSP is not a great wrestler, but he transitions so well from striking to wrestling that he will be on Silva’s legs before Anderson even knows what’s going on. I believe Georges is that quick and I don’t think Silva will be able to do a whole lot with Georges on top of him.”

“Georges is going to be in great shape, he always is and I don’t think Silva would be able to use his weight advantage on GSP to try and tire him out. If anyone will get tired I think it will be Silva because he’s not going to be in the positions he wants to be in. Georges will put him in some bad situations and I think GSP will do well in the fight and walk away the winner.”

Notice the little jab he snuck in about GSP not being a great wrestler. I don’t know, he sure looked like a great wrestler when he tossed Matt around like a grappling dummy in their last fight. Just sayin’. But it’s those little things that make any Matt Hughes interview a must read.

Personally, I agree with Hughes, to an extent. GSP does have the formula for Silva – great takedowns, and unlike Chael Sonnen, the ability to defend submissions. But the latter is a presumption. The last time GSP found himself in a bad position on the ground was when Hughes beat him with a sweet last second armbar. Granted, that was eight years ago and GSP has since earned himself a BJJ blackbelt, but still, we just don’t know how good his jits is because he’s such a suck ass wrestler that no one is ever able to put him into a disadvantageous position.

Still though, aside from what my kindly ex-girlfriend used to say about size, it does matter, especially when you’re talking about the best fighter the world has even seen. It’s just another advantage. GSP would likely not finish Silva, even if he won. So he’d have to fight a perfect fight for 25 minutes. Silva only needs a second to explode and kill a mutha fucka.

So will we get to actually see how this fight plays out, or are Joe Silva and Dana White just kind of tongue flicking the tip while the blue balls grow to the point of unbearable pain and heartbreak? We’ll find out soon enough.