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Matt Hughes concedes

As depressing as it is to know that people like Matt Hughes and Eddie Bravo were the de facto political representatives of MMA through the past few days (Eddie the Tinfoil Hat Guy and Matt the Fundamentalist to McCain’s Joe the Plumber), I figure it’s worth following up on Matt Hughes’ post-election feelings:

Well I have to say congrats to both candidates, this year was very interesting for me as history was going to be made no matter which party got in office. Senator John McCain fought tooth and nail till the very end, but came up short. President-Elect Obama did well in his debates and I think that had a lot to do with him winning the election. I think if Bush didn’t have such a bad approval rating, then Senator McCain would have had a better shot.

So what’s done is done, Mr. Obama is now President-Elect and, even though I didn’t support him in this election, I will respect the office that he now holds. I think it is important to always respect the President whether you agree with him or not.

I now pray for my country, I also pray for President-Elect Obama to have an experienced cabinet to help him make his decisions. -matt

I’ve been kinda wondering how all the people screaming and booing and generally flipping the fuck out over the possibility of Obama winning were going to reconcile with reality once he won. I suppose this army-like adherance to the national hierarchy of America will be the answer for many. And hey, once you get over the fact that he’s a Muslim communist, he’s really not that bad! He sure does know how to honey up his words … although wasn’t that a warning sign in Revelations? ZOMG THE ANTI CHRIST!!!!11