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Matt Brown is willing to fight Renzo

From what I’ve heard, Matt Hughes vs Renzo Gracie is still a fight the UFC is working towards, but they’re not just bringing Renzo in for a one and done asskicking like they did with his cousin Royce. So the plan now is to have him fight a warm-up fight before Hughes. Matt Brown would like everyone to know that he’s interested in the gig:

“I actually called Joe Silva today asking for a fight, if I get the fight that I’m asking for it might be before that,” Brown commented. “I called and I asked him for Renzo (Gracie) because he’s coming and he needs a warm-up fight, so I was like I feel like I’d be a good warm-up fight.”

“I’ve met Renzo a few times and I think he’s one of the greatest guys in the world. I’ve trained at his gym a bunch of times. I’ve got absolutely nothing but respect for the guy. I think he’s one of the greatest ever, but that’s why I want to fight him,” said Brown.

“He’s a legend and he needs a warm-up fight. I’d love to fight a Matt Hughes (too), but he’s not going to fight someone like me right now.”

Now I’m not about to say that Matt Brown is better than Renzo, per say. But there comes a time in every man’s life where skill isn’t going to save you from having your ass kicked by a younger, stronger guy. The UFC is looking for a softball to lob at Renzo, not a fastball that’s potentially going to bean him in the face and crack open his skull.