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Matt Brown considers middleweight

Matt Brown: Not fired from the UFC. But it might be a while before you see him again – while movies have proven that anything can be acheived through the magic of a good training montage or two, moving up a weight class in real life can take some time:

Brown told Joe Silva he was considering a move to middleweight. He explained his reasons.

“The weight cut has gotten more and more difficult for me the last couple of years,” said Brown “I don’t know why. Maybe my body is just filling out and getting bigger or whatever, but the weight cut has been really really bothering me so I’ve been considering moving up to 185.”

Silva did not give him an idea of when his next fight may be but wanted to give him some time to get his weight where it needs to be.

“He didn’t really give me a time frame,” said Brown. “He told me just call him whenever I need cause if I move up I’m probably going to have to put on a few pounds of muscle. Basically he told me to ‘put on some weight and call me when you’re ready.’ So my plan is pretty much to relax through the holidays, spend time with my new babies. During training camp I didn’t really get to be a dad much, you know, I was training a lot. So I’m going to spend time and be a dad for a little while, then get my [expletive] together, then try to get back in there and [expletive] someone up. ”

Sounds like a ‘Go away and we’ll talk to you in 6 months’ type situation.

  • agentsmith says:

    If he wants to move up because he can’t make the cut to 170 anymore, then fine. But if he wants to move up because he thinks changing weight classes will change his fortunes, he’s mistaken.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    less boring fighters at 185… shit wait Silva, Sonnen, Okami, Dollaway, Maia

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    I’m surprised he’s still in the UFC, but I look forward to seeing what he’s got here. Redneck Junkie Brawler Assholes are fun.